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  1. We recently did the UDP on Harmony and we really enjoyed experiencing the atmosphere in each of the restaurants. Each brought something unique and had something we really loved. It was fun at the end of the week to decide what our "ideal meal" would be after eating at all the different places! Wonderland is not for everyone but if you are open to trying things you never thought you would, it is quite an experience -- we actually went 2 different nights and my 11 year old had a blast! Hands down best short rib I have ever eaten! That said, I would not do UDP again because it just g
  2. It's a bit of a drive, maybe 45 minutes? We used Uber and it was under $100 for 3 of us each way with tip. In our mind it was worth spending a little more vs getting a rental car. We stayed on Cocoa Beach and everything was very walkable. Restaurants, grocery store, tourist stuff. Not even a 10 minute Uber ride to the port the next morning, no trouble getting an Uber at 11am. When we were there in Feb, the driver was telling us they are actually putting in a light-rail train system to go from the airport to Port Canaveral. Someday when it's done, it will probably be a very co
  3. We loved the specialty dining on Harmony! We found the food to be top notch and really enjoyed the ambiance at each unique restaurant. We got to 150 Central Park, Wonderland (twice!), Izumi, Sabor, and Jamie's Italian. I would highly recommend trying it once. In the future, I think we would probably do the 3-night package as it was a lot of rich meals every night.
  4. My kiddo is 11 and there was plenty to do there without paying for the waterpark. It was very windy and a bit cool the day but the water park seemed quiet when we walked by.
  5. We purchased the unlimited photo package with digital copies. Does anyone know what the header is on the email? Does it come directly from Royal Caribbean? I'm worried it is going to go to my junk mail and am trying to keep an eye out for it!
  6. It will likely be no charge or a $10 surcharge. Things are very "family-style" at this restaurant.
  7. It's pretty confusing! I would not pay $10 for them to eat a burger they can get anywhere else on the ship for free! We would have happily bought him a UDP but were told by several before going that we did not need to. They also told us that there would be similar options on the kids menu, just smaller portions. The person at Guest Services explained that with any of the venues, it's as many apps/entrees/desserts you want so they charge the $10 and assume parents will just order the extras when they order. Why make my kid order chicken strips he's not going to eat?! Wond
  8. We are just off Harmony. The kids menus at most restaurants are burgers/chicken strips/ect. Occasionally there is an item or two that is more "themed" (they had a simple pasta with red sauce at Jamie's). We have a 10 year old who is a foodie. We were told by several people that it would be a $10 surcharge if our kiddo wanted something off the actual menu. All restaurants except 150 CP did this. Unfortunately we dined at 150 CP the first night and it was a bit of a disaster getting everything sorted out! Most restaurants didn't even charge us the extra $10 for him so we just added
  9. We just pulled up the app when we got out of the terminal and we waited 5 min or so and our driver was there. There are lots of numbered areas outside the terminal and we just picked one and added a comment of which number we were at. He said a lot of drivers will plan to come and go from the airport to the port at Galveston, getting round-trip fares.
  10. We used Uber both ways. It was easy and relatively cost effective for our family of 3.
  11. Can't wait to follow along! We will be embarking as you disembark 🙂
  12. I would say those sites are also not terribly accurate. I was just checking on the ports for our upcoming cruise in 2 weeks and our itinerary is not correct as it got rescheduled after the initial itinerary was released. It's likely that has happened with other ships as well! Expect it will be busy and then you will be pleasantly surprised if it is not!
  13. Has anyone done snorkeling at CocoCay recently? I've read in the past there have been some issues with jellyfish. They have an option for pre-booking. Do you know if you can just grab equipment while you are there? Is the price significantly different? Currently it's listed at $35 for adults and $20 for kids.
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