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  1. Maya Chan! You can get massage there, too.
  2. Thanks for reminding me to dig out our National Parks card! And the tip about the Butterfly people!
  3. I just booked this as it is our first time driving to the port. They get good reviews from you guys and Yelp. Thanks for the hot tip! 🔥
  4. I use duct tape, too. I buy the $3 gallon as I don't want some random water inhaled in my lungs.
  5. umm Sea day brunch is on...Sea Days!
  6. Maybe cruising isn't for you. If you are looking for trouble, trouble will find you. And you could be banned from cruising
  7. are you old enough to be a member? You have to have the membership
  8. So my update: I bought the first RCCL certificate, one for $100 that cost $90. Right away got a confirmation email that the funds were in process. Then got an email from the RCCL certificate rep. Within 2 days, the funds were applied and received a PDF of my bill. I repeated this process with 4 more $100 for $90 for each certificate. If you choose these, send them all in the same email. After these were applied, I sent my final 2 certificates (in the same email) for $500 each. (cost $400 each) When all was said and done Savings = $250! Called RCCL and paid my balance of $54.16. Done and Done.
  9. Yes you do. Then you go on Rewards for Good and earn points for doing little test questions about lots of topics. Once you rack up the points, you can spend them. Not just for RCCL and Carnival certificates, but discounts on goods and services. They also have sweepstakes. I have won a gift card for the movie theater.
  10. Well mugtech have you ever used them? What’s not to like about saving cold hard cash? Still have to pay for the cruise, right? I’m going to buy more after this trial run. Have used the Carnival gift cards from AARP with no problem. Thanks to ULCajunCruiser for the encouragement! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.😊
  11. Ok! I received my first $100 certificate yesterday. So this morning , I filled it out. Took a picture and sent the email to the provided account. Fingers crossed as I would like to purchase more before my July 1 due date for complete payment!
  12. I don’t seem to have any of those restrictions. Just a straight booking from RCCL web site. What’s not to love about a 10% discount?
  13. Just ordered a $100 one. Will be back to post my results!
  14. So I’m already booked myself though RCCL. I have no perks, etc as it is a straight booking. So no problem to buy these and apply them as my payments? also- do they send you an email to let you know they are applied? Thanks ULCajunCruiser!
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