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  1. We were on the Vista back in September, and it was the first time we experienced the new process where you did not get your Sail and Sign card when you checked in. We're sailing on the Miracle on March 10th. Does anyone know if it's the same on the Miracle? Or will we receive our cards upon check in? I'm unsure if it's fleet wide, and I want to update the folks traveling with us if it's the new process. I tried to search for the answer on my own, but wasn't having any success! Thanks for your help, Silc
  2. Thanks everyone. I have spoken with my travel agent about it, and I have also looked at the info on the Carnival website. Guess I was just looking for anyone who had personal experience with it, how they booked it, and how the evening worked out for them. The well wishes are much appreciated! Silc
  3. My fiancé are getting married while sailing on the Carnival Miracle in March 2019. We are not using Carnival for the wedding. What we would like to do is book Nick and Nora's Steakhouse as our reception venue the evening of our wedding. Does anyone have any experience booking large groups in the steakhouse? I asked the question in the Wedding/Honeymoon thread, but so far, I've just had a lot of lookers - and no responders! If anyone has done this in the past, I'd appreciate any input you may have! Thanks! Silc
  4. We are using a TA, and are booked under a group booking. And yes, we did talk to him about having a cocktail party as I knew that that was an option. We had a long discussion about private vs shared, and the impact that that would have on the onboard credit that everyone is receiving. We opted to not go that route, as I would rather that our guests get the onboard credit as opposed to using part of that money to fund a party. However, now that our group is large enough, we may get a room, and then just pay for the party ourselves. I do like the idea that if we order fruit/cheese platters that they could potentially bring a stand to put them on. As big as the cabin and balcony appear to be, I'm sure that with people, food, bar setup it would get very tight very fast! And if they limit your alcohol purchase through the Fun Shops, I would imagine I could have my sisters buy a couple of bottles for me, pay them, and then have those available for the party. It's more about variety than amount. I'll have to run some numbers. It might be cheaper to get the free room and then buy the cocktail "package". Thanks! Silc
  5. Thanks again for all of the comments and suggestions! Right now we have about 22 people booked plus my fiancé and myself, so we do qualify for the group room. And we may go that route. I just thought it would be nicer to have everyone at the cabin. Thanks again, Silc
  6. Thanks for all of the responses and wedding wishes! You've given me some good info. At this point, we don't know how many more people will book. As of this morning, we're up to 21 people, so we might already be outside the number of folks who can fit comfortably. We're thinking of just a short get together for a coupe of drinks and appetizers before dinner. We have looked into the group party with the open bar, and may decide to go that route. But having people over just seemed like a nicer way to do it. Can't help it. I'm an entertainer at heart! But definitely NOT a swinger...;p Silc
  7. I have searched using every combination of key words that I could think of, but didn't find anything that was specific to my question. We are cruising on the Miracle in Mach 2019. It is our wedding cruise, but we're not planning it through Carnival. We have an aft wrap cabin. What I'm trying to find out is if anyone has every hosted a party in their cabin or on their balcony before? I know I can order appetizer trays through the Fun Shops. How did you manage that? Do you get to choose when they are delivered? What about alcohol? Am I limited to only one bottle if I pre-order it on the ship? Or can I get "one of each?" What else can you share about your experience? Thank you for the information, Silc
  8. My fiancé and I are sailing on the Miracle in March 2019. We are getting married in Cozumel, and we are NOT using Carnival to plan our wedding. We'd like very much to be able to bring our guests to dinner at Nick and Nora's steakhouse that evening as our "reception". I am seeing some older posts about this topic, but has anyone done this recently? My TA called group events, and kind of got a non-answer. As he's already started the process, I don't know if it would do more harm then good for me to contact them? What was your experience? How did you book it? What did you do about cocktails/beer/wine? Did you order a package? Did you just let your guests order drinks at will, and then just include it in the bill that you got at the end of the evening? Were you able to order from the regular menu, or did they have a special one that you "had" to use? Were you all seated together? They are telling my TA that our seating has to be staggered anywhere between 15 - 30 minutes! Thanks for any help you can provide, Silc
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