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    Brooklyn, New York
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    reading, traveling and observing (I'm SUCH a Libra, LOL!)
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    RCCL and Norwegian
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    Drop me and leave me in Alaska or Canary Islands
  1. Seriously tho @BirdTravels!!!! I love RCCL for it too... LOL!!! Pepsi has their own version -- lets get with it NCL! https://www.pepsispire.com/
  2. There is a year and a half wait for my next cruise and I don't mind... we all need this Corona business to be a memory... HOWEVER, in preparation, I need this post to get to someone at the cruise line, on behalf of all the diabetic diet soda drinkers PLEASE improve your sugar free soda options!!!! Pepsi Zero, Diet Mountain Dew and Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry -- NEED to be added... Diet Pepsi and Diet Sierra Mist CANNOT be the only carbonated drinks we are provided... I'm sure Pepsi Co wouldn't mind the increase in purchase! Thanks!
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