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  1. no airport shuttles i am aware super shuttle ceased operations
  2. had a good experience wit a company called "airport shuttles"
  3. have used airport shuttles SF and found them excellant
  4. recently took a shuttle from SFO to hotel at fishersman wharf. Worked well check out airport shuttles.com
  5. Grand princess i was recently on this ship and think it is time for it to be retired
  6. recently rented from dollar at the airport. signal was poor so had to take a taxi instead of uber airport dollar return was under bridge
  7. Recently completed a round trip on princess grand. Lots of activities to do as many sea days, The high light was the hawaii ports. Many good entertainment options to keep one busy at night. The late night crowd seem to gravitate to the bars for the late evening. there was usually activity until early morning.
  8. goeherb how did you learn about these low single supplement prices Princess had a very low single supplement for these cruises. The other ships I looked at were charging solo passengers double, whereas this cruise was only around $100 more. thanks
  9. recently used san francisco airport shuttles. very reasonable and efficient airportshuttles.com
  10. just recently returned from hawaii cruise. the best way to see the most is rent a car in each port . considerably cheaper than shore excursions by the cruise lines and you get to see what you want
  11. just stayed at the holiday inn and suites at fisherman wharf. Excellent location for exploring SF. Included very decent breakfast
  12. recently used airportshuttles from pier to SFO, similar to supershuttles but cheaper
  13. just did this . shared shuttles like supershuttle and SF airport shuttles would well and cheaper than a taxi depending on number of pax
  14. uber and lyft are not available this summer in vancouver
  15. just returned from the grand princess . although this was the hawaiian itinerary,the internet was slow even for short emails . Sending photos was almost impossible and loading websites was very slow '
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