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  1. My vote is Cable Beach on a Paradise Island. Short cab ride, plenty of beach, Food/bev within short walking distance, clean water, not crowded, no charge
  2. It's only available on sea days
  3. My search feature is down, but I found the link buried on page 9 of these threads. This is the definitive Fantasy thread amassed over the last few years. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1182074 As for Charleston, you have to narrow it down for the kind of info you are looking for: Food, activities, transportation, hotels, etc. There are a lot of locals on these boards and previous cruisers who will be more than excited to share their experiences and provide tips if you can narrow the field for the info you are seeking. Welcome to Cruise Critic!
  4. Fantasy does not have it on tv. Must use kiosks
  5. Just off the Fantasy- didn't care for Rob and bar service was awful. Took 30 minutes to get waitress to stop at the piano bar where we were sitting, and after another 20 minutes we left sans drinks. Maybe will try again this summer on the Liberty.
  6. We rented a Jeep but they had cars and passenger vans you could rent for the day and get around on your own. Very easy to do bc the roads and signs were very good. Parking is free and plentiful all over the island. The shopping and food is more plentiful in town and the port is extremely noisy. We visited Señor Frogs after returning the a Jeep just to kill time and people watch before returning to the ship. Have fun whatever you decide.
  7. No wi-if last weekend when we were at Señor Frogs even with food/beverage purchases. We thought there was a Freeport wi-if we found but we could never get on it. Maybe others have had better luck.
  8. We had a great time. This was not the first time we've been. Last time was about two years ago, and we didn't leave the port area. This time, we rented a Jeep and drove around the island. This island is quiet and not overdeveloped outside of the port, but there are places to go and things to do. Driving is on the left and free/easy parking is everywhere. Considering the price of the cruise ship excursions and what you get, 4 people splitting a car or jeep makes much more $ sense. Signage and roads on the island are in excellent condition, and should you get lost, the locals are extremely friendly and helpful. Unlike reports in Nassau, Freeport looks and feels very safe. We drove from the port through Freeport proper to the Port Lucayan Marketplace. Great little shops and restaurants in one area as well as several nice resorts nearby. From there we drove to the middle of the island to check out the national park. There for $5 pp you can walk through paths to view the underwater/underground caves, a mangrove marsh area and one of the most secluded, white-sand beaches you've ever seen. This beach alone was worth the jeep rental and admission fee. Because we didn't know what we were getting into for the day, we weren't quite prepared (swimsuits, towels, snacks) to enjoy it properly. There was a woman selling snacks at the entrance of the beach path, though. We saw people snorkeling, but I can't speak to the quality of the wild life. I just know it was an awesome way to spend a sunny day in the Caribbean. If ever we end up back in Freeport, we'd do it again in a heartbeat!!
  9. We've done it both ways however I think they prefer you carry on in a bag so the packaging doesn't tear in transit. Nothing worse than the rip and bottles go everywhere. When we've carried it on, we also carry on a rolling luggage and stack it. We just head straight to the cabin to drop off then get out of the way in case they're not finished cleaning yet. We're not platinum and we don't do FTTF. Sometimes the cabin's ready, sometimes not.
  10. We did that excursion but I remember it leaving earlier. Hmmm...there might be other excursions going there that leave earlier in the am, hence the early return. I think the Aquaventure pass covers all the grounds and maybe some people don't need much time at the water side. You can take the last fan back at 5:30 or catch your own taxi for a few bucks. Just pay attention to the time the ship leaves. As for getting your own tickets, I wouldn't chance it. While spring break may not be in effect for you, it is for many states starting in early March for some colleges and carrying on until after Easter for the younger kids. We had a blast though, whatever you decide!,
  11. Cruizin- you are right. The balcony and the interior on the Sunshine are exactly the same square footage. What I found interesting when I looked this up is that the Oceanview is actually larger than both the basic balcony and the interior. It's only when you add the square footage of the balcony to the room size that it matches the Oceanview size. So it's really a perception issue for those people who feel claustrophobic in interior cabins. Fascinating!
  12. We have stayed in each cabin type except a suite. We normally book interiors because you can't beat the savings. When we had a balcony, we found ourselves visiting it infrequently. It's great in theory, but we spend only enough time in our cabin to sleep and change clothes. For us, the balcony is for people who want to get away from everybody, to spend time alone or with a significant other. We like to be out and about, and when we're sleeping, we appreciate the pitch black darkness. The balcony cabins may be a smidge bigger, but not enough to really matter. I feel like there's not a huge size change until you get into the suites. Tell your partner to try the interior once since you spend so little time on the balcony. They might enjoy the things we love about it, and it will free up some extra $ for fun. Btw, we loved our interior on the lido deck- soooo close to everything and a nice way to see the stars on deck before you call it a night. We always ended up on the wrong stairs and a walk was required through the pool area.
  13. I seem to remember a million complaints the last time Carnival changed the menu, and now some of you are begging for it. Weird! Our first cruise with the new menu will not be until June, but I'm looking forward to it. The new menu looks streamlined and delicious. We still have one more opportunity with the comfort menu in February on the Fantasy. On Ramsey's a Kitchen Nightmares, one of the first things Gordon Ramsey does is reduce the size of the menu to increase efficiency and quality in the kitchen. I'm sure these things are similar when considering a cruise ship dining room. Think of the quantity of food discarded from not-so-popular "exotic" menu items! If Carnival can get the timing down with the new menu, I bet there won't be so many concerns and maybe even a bit more praise. I don't think Carnival is trying to push everyone into the paid food venues simply because there aren't very many of them. Think about the new Carnival ships built over the last 7 years and all of the ones out of dry dock in the same period compared to Royal Caribbean. The Allure of the Seas has 25 designated food/restaurant/snack options. How many of them are no charge- 5 or so? Now look at the Carnival Dream- I don't know the exact number of food spots but I do know only 2 or 3 require payment. That's a huge difference- and a huge factor when you think about the costs involved to board the ship and then pay for food and beverage on the cruise. At least Carnival is consistently working on improving their food offerings without pushing paying extra. I'll know more after June, but I think there are always hiccups in new restaurants with quality and service when drastic changes are made. Give it a little time before you pollute the water. PS- I'm not a cheerleader for any line. Look at post history for proof
  14. We've taken pumps for air mattresses on 2 different trips without issue. We also took a blow up mattress so my son and his 2 teenage cousins could share a room. It was in checked luggage in the original packaging. Have fun and wishing you the same good fortune. K
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