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  1. I heard of someone, their safe didn’t work, they were upgraded to the owners suite
  2. Yes, yes, yes, it was soooooo worth it. Best part of cruising NCL
  3. I can’t get anywhere on it. Takes forever, goes around in circles; so frustrating!
  4. I would encourage you to try Seabourn. Excellent food and no nickel and diming
  5. We were on a cruise once with newlyweds next door. Saw them once
  6. A horn, oh no, I know what they can do with that horn if they use it on me!
  7. Actually, he did not say that. he said Maria? wasn’t giving him the receipts all the time and he wanted to write in a tip (additional ) for her someone said aren’t tips added automatically 18% to the drinks then, the reply was. “Non cheers”
  8. Getting your own ride is worth every penny over being herded onto a shuttle. I never take the shuttles even if “free”
  9. Same. There is a reason people pay so much. I don’t exceptions should ever be made
  10. If you are in 10k for NCL, you might want to take a look at Seabourn No way is NCL worth that much while Seabourn is worth every penny
  11. Currently booked on ovation out of Miami for November 29, which was originally Sojourn If Seabourn switches to a Caribbean island it will be a deal breaker Curious, is that a big enough switch that I could cancel and get a refund rather than FCC 1st choice is to cruise out of Miami, of course!
  12. What are the purple ones for?
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