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  1. My original post may have seem to severe. What I am trying to say, until world positive test get below 5% for several months, there be no safe cursing.The situation is changing on a daily basis. The US is a long(many months) away from 5% criteria. many Europe countries are near 5%. It will take several months for a good vaccine to be given to 70% of the world.
  2. Americans are to diseased to be on cruise ships. Almost no state has a less then 5% positive rate. European countries understood the virus, America has not.
  3. I think cruise lines should be liable for the safe return of their employees to their home when the contract ended.
  4. We ate there 1 time on a 2 week cruise. The restaurant is very good, but not great. The MDR was our preference or outside dining.
  5. After crushing 10 years with Princess I stopped two years ago. With all of removal of positive amenities mentioned in prior post and super large cruise ships that have to dock with cargo ships and not in town. It became a hassle to cruise. Changed to cheaper land trips and train in Europe. But to each his/her own.
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