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  1. I was on a Princess cruise and became ill. I was TOLD that Princess would take care of "everything! No so!! They did arrange for my husband's room at a hotel, but it was no where near the hospital that I was sent to. He needed a Accessible room and accessible transport back and forth. Our Princess insurance only paid $100 toward the hotel which was $150 per night. Remember they arranged the hotel FOR HIM. There were also limits on the cost of the meals which cost a lot when they are eaten in the hotel, but he was unable to go out because of his disability. Insurance took care of some of it, but certainly Princess was of little help once they off-loaded me.
  2. We just cancelled our Dec. 5-15, 2021 cruise. I don't want to worry that I will miss even part of a cruise quarantined in my stateroom. Princess actually upgraded me yesterday to a stateroom (also accessible) right across the ship (from Port to Starboard) They also offered me Premier Beverage Pkg. Gratuities and Wi-Fi. I asked why they needed to move me and they said that they were blocking off a section for quarantine. I thought you would just be "sent to your room" but I guess they want to keep those quarantined in a special area which would be easier to handle than running all over the ship. Boo Ho, we really wanted to cruise again, but not under these circumstances.
  3. Thank you everyone for your help. It seems that the cruiselines are still a little behind in assisting guests with contacting each other while on board. As I understand it now, I can text other guests but they will not get a ping to tell them that there is a message. I am still not clear if this can go from iphone to android phone.
  4. We will be on a cruise with two other couples and a caregiver. The caregiver will be splitting her time with my husband and another woman. How can we make contact while on the ship? I think someone once told me that they took walkie talkie's. Is there a better way? If we use our phones, won't there be a "whopping" phone bill? We are going to Mexico on a 10 day cruise out of L.A. and yes it is a Medallion class.
  5. I haven't been able to read thru all of the pages, so I don't know if anyone suggested that we get to choose maybe 3 or 4 each of the former perks. That way, if there was a perk that appeals to someone more than another perk, you could choose it. We wouldn't be getting all the perks but just the ones that each person truly wants.
  6. I totally agree with you NSWP. The Royal class ships are tooooooo large and lack one of the things that I enjoy, like a walk around the promenade deck. My husband uses a scooter to get around but I still walk and those corridors are so long that I am tired before I get where I am going. And you have to start out earlier to get to where you want to go.
  7. I know the OP is not asking his question about the Princess Ships, but for anyone who is reading this and is likely to be on a Princess ship I would like to advise them that it does definitely make a difference to which bank of elevators you go to on Princess since their hallways are VERY NARROW. In the morning and in the evening the service carts are left out in the hall and make it impossible for my husband to pass with his mobility scooter and I've also seen wheelchairs have the same problem. I usually go ahead of my husband and push the carts out of they way, when I can. The accessible staterooms are nearer to the front bank of elevators and these are also the ones that fill up after the evening show in the theater. We have had to wait for fifteen or twenty minutes sometimes until the crowd has diminished before we can get on one. We also know the trick of getting on whichever direction it is going. I definitely agree, be polite and have patience but I wish the able bodied passengers would also follow that advice.
  8. I know that it may be impossible to take a private tour these days, but if you are able to, I would like to suggest Tour with Roberto in Puerto Vallarta. My husband uses a mobility scooter and there were 3 other senior's. Roberto was very helpful and we had a wonderful experience with his tour.
  9. The Royal had the worst Library that I have ever seen on a Princess ship. There was one shelf with about 10 books on it. A whole lot of games (with no place to play them) Puzzles with no place to do them and, not enough room to move around in the room. That is if you could even find the area that they CALL the library. I am a book person and I really miss the library that they had on the Pacific Princess. Now, that was a library that had shelves and shelves of books and where you could sit and read and relax in a wonderful comfortable chair and look out the windows and see the ocean. Great lighting and quiet area made it the best place on the ship for me.
  10. At the time that we cruised my husband was still able to step over the side of the tub. He is not able to anymore. Our stateroom DID NOT have a roll in shower. I don't know if the H/C staterooms have a roll in shower. Best to call them and ask.
  11. We did a cruise on the American Queen Steamboat to the Lower Mississippi in May 2013 with my husbands scooter. I was not able to get one of the handicapped staterooms but we did get a "larger stateroom with a double door #453 which was on the back of the Observation Deck. It wasn't ideal, because the water would splash up from the PADDLE WHEEL and the deck outside our stateroom was always wet and water sometimes came into our stateroom also, but it was a bit larger than the other staterooms and the layout was very convenient with extra room to park the scooter. They had 2 elevators so we were able to get up and down O.K. When leaving the boat, we would go down to the "lower level" (not a passenger deck) and my husband was able to roll right off the boat from there. Most of our excursions were easy since they had buses that follow along the shoreline and meet the boat at each stop. 2 of the buses were equipped to handle handicapped scooters and wheelchairs and the drivers told us, the very first day, that they were there to provide us with on/off service as often as needed and they wanted us to enjoy our stops without feeling that we were causing any extra work for them. All in all, we loved the experience. The food and service were excellent and we would not hesitate to do it again. I do not know anything about the Columbia & Snake River or the Empress that they use for that cruise but we would love to do that one also.
  12. Some cruise lines allow door decorations, but be aware! I have had decorations "taken" from my stateroom door. I couldn't believe that someone who could afford to cruise would "take" the cheap Hawaiian lei's outside my door.
  13. There are many factors, in addition to the person being able to walk onto the tender, that go along with using the tenders besides the weight of the device. 1. The state of the sea. It may be too choppy to safely transfer a mobilily scooter to the tender 2. Each cruise line make their own rules regarding the ability to transfer the device and the weight issue. I thought the weight issue was limited to 50 lbs. I've never seen a large mobility deice on one of the tenders. 3. Some tenders/landing craft actually have a roll on ramp so that you can drive directly onto it. The only one I have seen was at a "private island" that had it's own transfer crafts. On Princess, I have only seen these on the newer ships.
  14. My husband did the Straw Market with his scooter, but it was a big challenge. Lucky for us there was only one ship in port that day so the sidewalks weren't too crowded. Cutouts are few but they are there in the main street area. Other areas did not have cutouts.....
  15. Extension cords are allowed, at least on Princess which we usually cruise with. It is only the circuit braker type that are not. Sometimes it is necessary when the plug is too far for the cord to reach. Otherwise we would be unable to charge the batteries. Also, the scooter is fairly new but accidents do happen and, as with any vehicle, screws come loose and sometimes need tightening and in some countries they do not have the same size tools that we use or when you are out on a excursion you could have a brake down.
  16. We have had many fights with the check in people who want to confiscate our extension cord (and no it is not a cricuit braker type, it is just a 3 plug simple extension.) They also have confiscated my husbands bag of tools for his scooter. We adhered to the rules of tools not being over 4 inches long, but they still confiscated them which my husband told them was essential for our traveling where there might not be easy access to someone who could fix the scooter. Someone who uses a scooter has to know the rules and maybe even print them out before leaving home.
  17. Thrax Don't know what their current price is, but last time I was there about 2 years ago, I paid $25.00 + tip Even if it has gone up, it is still much cheaper than on the ship which cost me $200.00 + tip and they also tried to sell me all kinds of extra products.
  18. Having been to Cabo many, many times, I agree with most of the posts above. The only thing I do, now, in Cabo is to get a very low price but wonderful massage from LoLo Spa. They also do Mani, Pedi and facials. It is a very small shop right in the Marina area so it is important to email her at lolospacabo@hotmail.com for an appointment.
  19. Agents are not usually employees but independent contractors working on commissions not salary and therefore some have not earned anything this entire year. When they do earn commissions, that might only be a portion of the compensation earned by the agency. Very little!
  20. A reminder! If you have a pacemaker or defibrillator do not wear it on the lanyard. It could interfere with your device. I kept mine in a pocket at least 12 inches away from my device. When the medallion's first came out, there was a thread about this problem.
  21. Cindy We have been traveling with a scooter for many years. My first suggestion is to go a day early. The hotels that offer transfers from the airport MUST accommodate a traveler with disabilities also. That being said, they may not be able to offer the same van/shuttle that they use for most guests. In this case they NEED to send a cab/shuttle that can accommodate the guest and pay for it. We usually can go on the same shuttle since my husband can take a few steps up in the vehicle and they usually have a trailer for the luggage and they just put his scooter in with the bags. Be sure to rent a H/C room. If you cannot go early and stay over, then you can hire a cab or Uber or Lyft and request the LARGE SUV or other large vehicle. Sometimes the drivers have not been accommodating about lifting the scooter in and out, but usually they can do it if the scooter is not too heavy and will fit. Our scooter folds to fit into the luggage area. Of course, there is the option of using the cruiseline transfers and then you would have to make sure they are aware of your need for transport of the scooter along with the passengers. We have been all over the world (Russia, China, South America, etc) and generally find that people are helpful and find a way to accommodate us with the scooter. Good luck and if you have any other questions that I can help with, you can email me at helen at cruisewithus dot biz Helen
  22. My experience with Casino Offers is that they need to be paid "in full" at time of booking. Maybe Princess is trying to raise money this way. Hope this doesn't mean that they are getting desperate for funds.
  23. Love all the cruises that we have taken, but the one that stands out was on the Ocean Princess in May 2010 from Capetown up the western coast of Africa and including Spain, Portugal, France and ending in Dover, England. An unforgettable 31 day journey. We met so many wonderful people on board this small ship and did so many interesting excursions in all the ports. Our cruise critic group each took a port to arrange private tours and they all turned out to be exceptional.
  24. Believe me, most scooter users try to be as careful as possible, but when people step in front of a scooter they don't realize that scooters don't stop on a dime. Worst place ever was in New York. I even tried to walk in front of my husband on his scooter to "part the waters" and when someone stepped right in front of me, I got run into (by my husband). Almost ruined our entire vacation since I was injured and was black and blue for weeks after. Yes, scooters are mini vehicles and it is important for both the driver and pedestrians to be aware.
  25. Thanks for your info. I didn't realize that.
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