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    Dunn's River Falls

    YES!! There are many "look out" decks for you to enjoy the falls, without climbing them. There's also a beach area at the bottom for swimming, he might enjoy!
  2. IsItTimeYet

    Question on Rays, Reef & Rum Point Tour

    You're Welcome!! You CANNOT wear water shoes w/ the rays, you can either go barefoot or w/ flippers at the reef, so your personal preference on whether you want watershoes or flipflops for Rum Point Beach!!
  3. IsItTimeYet

    Nachi Cocom..on your own recently?

    Sue..I replied on my Review thread..hope you get it!!
  4. IsItTimeYet

    Question on Rays, Reef & Rum Point Tour

    Just did this tour Sept. 20th..LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!! Best excursion day by far. The people at NativeWay are fantastic. Chris was our guide, would highly recommend him! 72 is not that old, and if they're in good health, I see NO reason why they couldn't go. You take a bus from port to their boat. The boat is large, plenty of seating w/ a top for shade. First you stop by the Rays, so fun (a little scary) but you don't have to get out if you don't want to. After the Rays, to the Reef for snorkling. BEST snorkling I've ever done. Lots of colorful, different kinds of fish! After snorkling to Rum Point. You have to walk down a somewhat long pier to land, but after that, everythings right there. I noticed plenty of shade, with tons of seating, even hammocks. You're going later towards winter anyway, so I don't think the heat would be that bad anyways. (mid 80's) Just my opinion, but I think they'd do fine! HAVE FUN!!
  5. IsItTimeYet

    ? for those who have climbed Dunns River Falls

    I booked the Dunns River Falls & Dophin Cove directly through Carnival...I had to book thru the cruiseline if I wanted to do the dolphins!! :rolleyes:
  6. IsItTimeYet

    Nachi Cocom..on your own recently?

    Sorry it's taken so long for me to reply! There were 4 other ships in port that day You book online w/ a $12 hold, once there you pay $37. The taxi is $15 one way for up to 4 people (we had 2) All your food, drinks, lounger, pool, hottub, beach, palpa are included. I thought it was very reasonable for the amount of privacy, and one-on-one service you got here. A group of about 4 came in beside us, I believe they actually got to pay the $5-10 entrance fee, and pay for drinks/food themselves. I saw the food prices, and over heard them talking..I believe it's pricey, if you don't do all inclusive!! I don't know about the floating mats, I heard they're $5, but I never saw any or saw anyone using them. I asked for a blue foam mat to put on my lounger, I saw another girl with it on, so I just asked..and they brought it right out to me. Watershoes- I'd bring them w/ you, and you can decide then if you need them or not. Pool was great, freshwater and refreshing..Alot of people, are you kidding me..If ONE is alot, then there you have it (and I came with him) lol :D I believe the water was great in both places, but not sure what it's like more towards winter time. I consider myself an expert in cheesestix, but no, I didn't like them..BF did though! Let me know, if I forgot anything!!
  7. IsItTimeYet

    Nachi Cocom..on your own recently?

    I've read some different questions in different places on here, so I just decided to start a new thread and write a review. Just there Sept. 21st via Carnival Conquest. LOVED THIS PLACE!! From the ship, grabbed my own cab, and BF and I were whisked away to Nachi for $15 one way. Once there, (about 10:30am) we were greeted, told to pay ($37 pp, seeing as how we paid the other $12 when we booked online), and shown to our palpa! At this time there were 4 other people there! The water is beautiful and blue (not as clear as Grand Cayman though) The sand was a little shelly..not really a soft white sand. But nothing to fret over. 2 chairs under the palpa, and 2 in the sun. I asked for a mat to cover the lounger..perfect! The waiter asked if we wanted any drinks, that the food bar would open at 12. We did! Behind the beach area, was a nice large freshwater pool w/ swim up bar, hot tub, and the covered sit down dining/bar area. We were greeted and asked if we wanted to do any water sports (snorkel, jet ski, kayak, parasail) for an additional fee. We also saw the massage tent, but didn't go b/c of my sunburn!:( At around noon or so, prob. 10-12 more people showed up, but that's it! This place was extremely private, and relaxing. Time for lunch- They bring you a menu on the beach, we ordered chips and guac, and cheese sticks. It was ok. For lunch we had faijtas, didn't know exactly what the "meat" was, not what it looked like in the states, it was ok..skipped dessert, but wish I hadn't. At 3pm we asked for a taxi. One promptly arrived, and $15 later we were back at the ship, shopped a bit, and went in for a nap! Would highly recommend this place, others were jealous when we said how little people were there. Any other questions, please ask!!
  8. IsItTimeYet

    ? for those who have climbed Dunns River Falls

    Just did this last week..you HAVE to wear shoes. Our guide told us, no open toed or tennis shoes, only water shoes. For those people that didn't have water shoes, they made them stop and rent ($5) or buy ($15) some on the way down!
  9. IsItTimeYet

    Princess Dolphin Cove/Dunns River

    Just got back from the Carnival Conquest Sept. 16-23. BF and I did Dunns River Falls/Dolphin Cove on Wed. the 19th. Here's a quick review: Off the ship in Jamaica to a line in the "customs building". Everyone's holding signs as to the excursion you chose, and you go to the one that matches. From there onto a bus, for the 2hour ride to Ochos Rios. Our's was very nice, great guide and bus driver. She talked about Jamaica's culture, pointed places out, and even sang to us. Jamaica was not at all as bad as I had heard, in my opinion, but still clearly a 3rd World Country! First Stop: Falls..from one tour guide to another, you are escorted down to the bottom of the falls, told to hold hands in one big line, and you start the trek up. The falls are about 600ft. up, and have different levels. Several hundred people are climbing at the same time, everyone from 10 yrs to 80 yrs, fat, skinny, some who should be climbing, alot that shouldn't. The falls are beautiful, with very cold water. At the bottom is a small beach where you can get into the ocean. From the sides, you can see "locals" calling you to the gates to buy their trades of choice. At the top of the falls when you exit, DO NOT go through the market. Simply go back the same way you came in to get to your bus! Next Stop: Dolphin Cove..In just a short 1-2 min. drive, you arrive at the Cove. We were taken directly to the dolphins, given a number, and told to put our life jackets on. No cameras are allowed. There were prob. about 5-6 groups of about 8 or 9 people. (This if for the "Swim" only) The "Touch" encounter, does not put on life jackets, they stand in a line of about 15 people or so, go to a small platform, and the dolphin swims in front of them, does some tricks. **quick note, we chose to do the swim b/c I wanted to be in the water with the dolphins. Before booking, I ran into the same problem you all are. I wanted to book privately b/c I wanted to do the dorsal pull and foot push, and thought it would be cheaper to book on my own. YOU CAN NOT DO EITHER! Jamaica receives cruise passengers only on Wednesdays, so they know your with a cruise ship, and they don't offer the pull/push or to book privately. The only thing I can see..is they get more $$ with the cruise tours, and it's more time consuming to do the push/pull..and of course they want to herd as many people through as they can. Ok..back to the dolphins, after you get your life jacket on, you go into the water with a guide, she tells you to line up shoulder to shoulder and get ready. You don't know where the dolphins are coming from, and then they just appear! Ours was Sky. I LOVED it. It makes you very giddy! I knew going in about the push/pull and was VERY DISAPPOINTED, but not ever having swam with them before, I loved it. You still get alot of interaction. You touch, pet, hug, and kiss the dolphin. It does tricks for you. Very entertaining. Everyone agreed that, that 15 minutes was well worth the 4hour bus ride! After the dolphins, we were given a lunch (which was way to scary for me to eat) At this time, you can also view and buy your pics (pricey) and also roam around the park. They have sharks, stingrays, parrotts, goats, and different kinds of fish. Live music is performed. Back to the Ship:..On the 2hr trip back, it rained all the way, and going 80 miles and hour, on the wrong side of the road, on wet mountain roads, was a little frightening!!:D There is NO drainage in Jamaica it seemed, and the roads flooded quickly. We passed the bobsled cafe, and margaritaville, and were back on the ship..safe and sound, and not offered drugs once! Any other questions I could answer, feel free to ask!
  10. IsItTimeYet

    Dolphin Cove/Dunn's River Falls

    OK..I've already posted a couple of threads about this topic. 1st Question: When did you go 2nd Question: You did the touch, not the swim..why not?? I've signed up for the swim for my Sept. cruise, but very disappointed we're not allowed to do the dorsal pull and foot push! Did you see anyone doing the swim? Do you think that one would be better? 3rd Question: How were the other "attractions" at Dolphin Cove? 4th Question: What kind of food do they offer? 5th Question: How was the 2hr. bus ride there and back?!?