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  1. If you are like us, it is easier for my husband to transfer into a car than an SUV or mini van so we prefer Uber X. You do have the ability of selecting a vehicle based on the ones in the area. The app says to enter your destination in app and swipe up to see all vehicle options available. Tap one to select your ride, then tap "choose Uber x" button.
  2. We are visiting similar ports in September so I really appreciate your visual review. Beavertails looks amazing. 😲 Thank you for letting us all share in your journey!
  3. We plan on taking a cruise in October 2020. Should we wait to book while we are on another cruise in Sept 2019 (and risk losing options in accessible cabins) or book during the current sale online? Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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