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  1. MaderaMan

    I Wish Princess Would

    Somewhere outside (back of ship, upper deck?) where we can enjoy a pipe or cigar. Or allow pipes & cigars at one of the outside smoking areas.
  2. MaderaMan

    Should I switch from late traditional to anytime?

    We just got off the Crown this morning and had Anytime for the first time. Ship was sold out. Ate dinner every evening, and never waited. Just walked right up and right in. We did a table for two one night, and hated it. The other nights were all at shared tables and it was delightful. Met a wide variety of folks and it was every enjoyable. Much prefer it to Traditional. The key is avoiding that 6:30-7:30 window. We saw long lines during that time. Some nights we would eat earlier, and some nights later. We always saw the main Princess Theatre production, and the secondary entertainment in the Explorers Lounge. Worked perfectly. One night, we even had the full 4 course meal and was out in exactly one hour. No more Traditional for us!
  3. MaderaMan

    Wireless Internet Near Port in Cabo, Mazatlan, PV?

    Thank you Porky! That is very helpful.
  4. MaderaMan

    Wireless Internet Near Port in Cabo, Mazatlan, PV?

    This is the info I'm looking for. Thank you Ine! I have enjoyed reading your informative posts about Puerto Vallarta. Anyone know about Mazatlan and/or Cabo?
  5. Will be on the Crown Princess in March, and need reliable internet for business. From what I read, the ship internet is often poor. Are there any good wireless internet places near the ship at these ports? Would be great if I could at least connect on these three port days...
  6. MaderaMan

    Carnival Shareholders OBC

    I faxed ours in midday Wednesday and it was visible in our on-line account this morning. Less than 24 hours.
  7. MaderaMan

    Large groups onboard

    Jay Leno writes in his book (don't remember the name, read it years ago) that when he was first starting out in comedy, his agent booked him on a cruise ship and didn't tell him it was a Nudest Cruise. It was hilarious reading about his week on board.
  8. MaderaMan

    Crown Pipe/Cigar Question

    Thanks chsalas, it was your post where I read the Patter smoking policy. I fully understand the balconies are now off limits, but I assumed I could enjoy my pipe in the designated smoking areas outside. Now I read it is only allowed in the "Speakeasy". I enjoy reading outside, and detest being cooped up in an indoor area, especially if it is in a casino. <sigh>
  9. MaderaMan

    Crown Pipe/Cigar Question

    Looking at a recent Patter that has been posted, it seemed to indicate that pipes and cigars could only be enjoyed inside the Speakeasy cigar lounge. But then it listed the other smoking areas. So, is it not permitted to enjoy a cigar or pipe in other designated smoking areas, like the area at the rear of deck 16? Are these other smoking areas for cigarettes only? Anyone with recent experience? My last Princess cruise was in 2008 and I enjoyed an afternoon pipe on our balcony - but I know that won't be permitted anymore. We are doing the 7 day Mexico cruise in March on the Crown.
  10. MaderaMan

    horseback riding

    Another vote for Randi's Happy Horses. Was with her in January and we will do it again next trip. Excellent experience.
  11. MaderaMan

    Jeep Safari Puerta Villarta

    There are obviously different tours as ours was priced "per jeep", not per seat. The promo description with Princess was very clear about what to expect. There were four "paying" jeeps plus our guide jeep on our trip. I think a 5 year old would very much enjoy the ride. The jeeps are open top so there is lots of wind and a nice sense of being part of the scenery. I did find a longer jeep trip "off the ship" that was about the same price, but an hour or two longer, but they were already sold out when we booked. I forget now where/how I found it, but I found them on-line. Though I usually book "off the ship" excursions, the more I thought about the nature of this excursion, I decided I would rather have the security of booking through Princess anyway. I could just imagine a breakdown/accident many miles from the ship and having a real problem getting back in time.
  12. MaderaMan

    Jeep Safari Puerta Villarta

    We did it in January. Booked through Princess. As I recall, it was ~$280 per jeep. It was wife and I, plus our two sons, so we filled up our Jeep. If you want to pay the same price and only put two people in it, that's your choice. They are standard 4 wheel drive Jeeps. Same size as in the United Sates. Was a great trip. Crossed rivers with water up to the floor, raced them down hills and over bumps...caught air a couple of times. They start off very clean and nice and are filthy when you return. Stopped at a tequila distillery for free samples and the town square of a very remote village. Nothing touristy there. The guides were wonderful. We also bought the DVD that one of them filmed while we drove. Forget how much it was, but it was nicely done. Is delivered to the boat before sail away. We loved it. Ours sons were 17 and 12. Worth every dime. I usually book off of the ship, but for this, I wanted the security of booking through the cruise line.
  13. I get emails from several cruise lines we have traveled with. One was from Princess in November with a deal we accepted. Was offering $399 inside $599 balcony cabins for three sailings in Jan/Fed for 7 day Mexican Riviera. We snatched one of each (across the hall from each other) and took our family. Was a great deal. I like them. Might be a great deal...and if not, the delete button is fast and easy.
  14. If you want another juice in the buffet, just ask for it. On the Golden last week they always just had orange and cranberry poured. I would always ask for grapefruit juice and they always went to the back and brought it out to me. Except disembarkation day. It was an abbreviated offering in the buffet and they told me 'no grapefruit juice today'.