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  1. A very beginner at sewing. I’m going to read all these to see if I can pick up any hints or do and don’t Thank you for sharing
  2. Any suggestion for good travel insurance from USA. We are planning a transpacific cruise for end of 2019. We did book it some months ago. I forgot about travel insurance when we booked the cruise
  3. What happens when one doesn’t do the pre boarding process on line or it’s incomplete? If cash account is selected can I change it to credit card at guest services? What is the amount that is but on hold on the credit card? I prepay tips only charge will be what I purchase on ship How long does it take to release funds not used? My DH takes care of this . This year I will also be sailing on a all girls cruise
  4. Thanks for Video. Our First Alaskan cruise in two weeks thanks for the preview
  5. The same can be done for your phone Wall paper Or contact number in case your phone is lost
  6. Hi I’m trying to compare price of soda card vs buying individual cans of soda on my Carnival cruise Soda card is $7.50. a Day. No taxes if purchased in international waters. How much is charged for a can of soda On Carnival ? Is there an added on gratitude to soda? Thank you
  7. I heard that to receive Diamond Card One needs to complete 200 Days That if 200th day is during a cruise Diamond status is given on your next cruise. Is that true?
  8. If one of your cruise perks is free laundry Sometime during the cruise I’m on I will put a couple of paper laundry bags and laundry slips in my luggage for my next cruise. As sometimes there not either the bag or laundry slip in the cabin. during the first day I have my travel clothes ready to send out to be clean
  9. Thank you for your reply. I am excited for this cruise. Now I’m more excited now Looking forward to sea days
  10. I think my DH. Booked a spa ocean view cabin on the Splendor. Category is 6s ocean view On deck ten What is spa amenities like on the Splendor ? Is there a large pool in the spa area?
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