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  1. I've been away from Cruise Critic for over 2 years. I kinda just got bored with it and took a looooooong break. But its nice to come and listen to the banter back and forth between members. I've missed you guys!!!
  2. Emi's Mom

    Crown & Anchor Membership Card

    I got mine many years ago...lost it...never found it...and never needed it. As long as you have your C&A number, you'll be okay.
  3. WOW !!! It must be a really slow day! :(
  4. Emi's Mom

    Always let them know residency

    Don't ever give up checking. It may turn out to really be worth it :D
  5. Emi's Mom

    Popcorn at Screening Rooms

    Good question...anyone have an answer? :confused:
  6. Emi's Mom

    Poll: Price Drop?

    It's DH's job to watch for price drops and we've gotten one or two for every cruise
  7. Emi's Mom

    Great Way to Say Thanks...Not!!

    Seems to me that Crown and Anchor should be able to help with this :confused:
  8. Emi's Mom

    Great Way to Say Thanks...Not!!

    It might be better to "suggest" that these coupons not be sent to D and D+ members that get better benefits from their balcony discounts. But then again if a D or D+ member is sailing in an inside or oceanview cabin...the coupon may be worth something. Just a thought!
  9. Looks like he stirred the pot to get it bubbling with no intention to return! But to add my two cents...I have only had wonderful service from RCI customer service reps. Good job Royal Caribbean!
  10. Emi's Mom

    RCI Food - Can't Miss Items

    Awwwwwww. :( Nobody mentioned the pan-seared salmon! It is always wonderful! :p
  11. Emi's Mom

    Pet Policy on Royal Caribbean

    I met Suzanne on the Navigator (I think it was the Navigator) in January. She was a VERY well-behaved "service animal". It was really nice seeing her around the ship.
  12. Emi's Mom

    Voyager price drops!

    DH found that price drop on yesterday and we got $100 savings off our JS. I don't think we can use that savings certificate though because we're using our diamond balcony discount. Has something changed? Can we use the certificate along with the diamond discount? :confused:
  13. Yes, they upgrade pretty often and you never know how people are picked. That upgrade fairy is a fickle creature. We got ours by booking a suite guarantee. Good luck. :D It's so exciting when you realize you've been sprinkled with fairy dust!!!
  14. Oh how do I LOVE the sound of the ships horn when its leaving the port. It seems like it vibrates through my chest giving me the best chills!!! :D And THAT'S when my cruise starts!!!
  15. We've sailed out of Galveston, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and San Juan. Of course I like Galveston best because it's only a 30 minute drive from home and we can bring as much luggage as we like. :D I liked Ft. Lauderdale too because it is so close to the airport that you can see the ships while you are still in the airport, and I liked San Juan too because I was able to buy water and diet coke in a little shop just before boarding the ship! Miami is my least favorite because it's always so congested, but I don't complain because I going on a cruise!!! :p