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  1. Woohoo, Dad’s luggage made it to Symphony tonight! My aunt’s didn’t, but we are hoping for tomorrow. 1 down, 1 to go.
  2. For those following along, still no bags. It sounds like they "should" get them on Wednesday in Cozumel. Now, they are not the only people in this same situation. Apparently there are about 40 families without luggage on this cruise. Medical was able to get my father some of the medical supplies that he is missing, so if he does get his bag on Wednesday, he'll be fine. RCCL Guest Services has been trying to help as best they can, getting them some t-shirts to wear and working with the airline to locate their luggage. Oh well, its been an adventure for sure.
  3. Thank you everyone for listening and giving great advice and support! canyonblue737. - Dad (Alan) and my Aunt should be at the meet and mingle, so you may still get to meet them.
  4. They were able to do that, so they have the basics. Fingers crossed that American can get the bags to either Roatan on Monday or Costa Maya on Tuesday.
  5. Yet another update, sorry folks. They have had to just go to the ship as their bags were not going to arrive until at least 3 pm. I guess there will be a shopping trip tonight on board? I’m trying to work with American to try at get the bags to Roatan, but right now there is a 2 hour hold time.
  6. I think they are going to want to just sleep honestly. By the time they got to Kansas City, (cause that flight was delayed as well) they had 3 hours at a hotel and had to be back at the airport at 4am. Once they get on board, I think it’s game over for a few hours, lol.
  7. Thanks for the Walmart idea. They are going to cab over there and pick up essentials. They are still in the same clothes as when they left Boise yesterday at 5:30am, so something different to wear would be great. They do have all their medications, so if they can’t get the bags, they can still make the ship. Fortunately, trip insurance will reimburse them for everything they need to buy. BTW, I did get through to Royal Caribbean and Symphony is not closing boarding until 4pm today, so they should be okay. This is my dads 60th cruise and never has anything like this happened before.
  8. I am on hold with RCCL right now trying to get an update
  9. They are waiting at the airport for the bags. I have a limo picking them up at the airport at 2:45. Rccl says that they need to get to the pier by 3:30. Will they make it??
  10. Yep, they said it was better to wait for the bags, because the cruise line might not get them in time
  11. Once again I am hoping my Cruise Critic family has some ideas. I’ve been up all night trying to work this out and am running out of ideas. Does RCCL have anyone at the airport that could grab the bags and get them to the ship? Just a thought.
  12. I just got a notification that they flight has arrived in Miami, so they will make the cruise. However, their bags are still in Dallas. The bags won’t make it to Miami until 2:23 this afternoon. I don’t know what to do. The airline won’t be able to get the bags to the ship in time. I don’t know anyone in Miami that could pick up the bags and get them to the ship.
  13. Absolutely. They have had the same amazing person at the help desk every single time, and he has been awesome. I have nothing but praise and thanks for him. He has gone above and beyond today. I will be writing to his supervisors for sure. He is aware of Dad’s situation and has been trying everything to get them to Miami. None of this is his fault at all. It just gets frustrating, the back and forth “yes you are going, no you aren’t”. His disease doesn’t understand that.
  14. They have been rebooked and then cancelled so many times. The most recent one, they were literally starting to board, and then were told the flight was cancelled. With all of those flights cancelled, there are literally no seats available to Central- South Florida. The latest is they were re-routed to Kansas City, stay in a hotel and fly in the morning, since the DFW-MIA flights tomorrow are all full. At this point, that’s fine, except that now “that” flight is delayed. BTW, my father has Parkinson’s Disease, which adds an extra level of difficulty to everything. Whew, I’m exhausted and I’m not even the one traveling.
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