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  1. For all of you recent Conquest travelers... Just curious, the assist CD always had a funny way of saying the number six. Do you think it was his schtick, or was his real way of pronouncing it ?


    It sounded like seeeeeks when he said it.


    I think he did have a different way of pronouncing it but also exagerrated it as part of his 'schtick'. Some people are easily amused.....

  2. This may be a stupid question but I was just curious. Can you get to the bow of the ship or is it against some regulation? If you can get there can someone tell me how. I was on the Conquest last October and never saw a way to get out there. We are booked again for January 2008. Thanks!:D


    Going again in 24 days.......... I will let you know if I find the 'secret' door to paradise...........:D

  3. We will be on Conquest on June 17 and want to know where the best dancing is on the ship?


    I'm sure the disco will be going but, sometimes, there is good dancing available at other lounges on the ship for a change of pace.


    Did anyone who sailed Conquest recently take any notes about what styles of dancing are available in each lounge?


    Or a favorite band and where they play?


    Plus, do they do karaoke on any nights and where?


    And is there a guest talent show?


    Check out the daily Capers, it has which nights have Karaoke and where. There is a show the last night with cruisers in the show. There are auditions to get into the show. The one they had on my trip in April was really good.


    I am going to be on the same cruise as you in June !!! Whoop !

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