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  1. Looking for reviews or alternative to Luggagent luggage delivery service at FCO. I used something similar in Paris and it worked well. Thanks
  2. Also, if you do not like the fares you are seeing under quick search, modify the preferred times. You will get all sorts of different fares and flight options depending on what you pick. Do not pick a preferred airline or non stop flight options, as those only show high fares. With those set to no preference, they will still show in the results.....For ATL to FCO the best fares show as depart 3PM and return 12PM. A month ago the best fares showed with 6PM and 12PM...... that has been my experience.
  3. I called to change my refundable flights. I was just told by and agent that the fare under quick search on air2sea was just an example of a fare that might be available in the next 3 months, it did not really exist. so the $810 fare was really $2500. He insisted on it. I knew he was wrong so I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor was on a Skype call so he had the agent mod my existing reservation so I could attempt a second booking. Well you guessed it, I was able to book the $810 fare no problem........ What is going on at air2sea that the agents cannot look up accurate fares for flights and then just make up reasons why the fare I am seeing is wrong. I feel sorry for people that don't push back and end up overpaying or getting bad connections.
  4. The question was meant to ask if I purchase a 3 night package and a chef’s table; would there be a combo purchase discount..Thanks
  5. Any opportunities on board to get a discount by combining 3 night dining package and Chefs table?
  6. shemp2000


    More to the story... I was able to get various fares to show up if I changed the default options in search for my ATL to FCO flights...With default departure times the price was $2099 for direct, 1, and 2 stops. With experimentation I found the best times to set were 6PM and 12PM...With those settings the fares listed are $1666 direct, $852 1 stop, $800 2 stop. Even with these settings I needed to submit multiple times to see all the flight option. When I called air2sea I was quoted the $2099 fare. I explained how I pulled up the other fare, and the agent did exactly what I did, including submitting multiple times to see the same rate. The rate was correct and I booked a $852 RT flight
  7. Yes, up until final cruise payment. I believe the $25 air2sea charge is not refundable. My cruise was booked as refundable, not sure if that plays into this.
  8. Just book air2sea JFK to Rome for May 2020., Alitalia and Delta. The agent was able to assign seats with both airlines. Both flights showed almost instantly in the Delta app. Price was better than either airline showed for refundable or non refundable tickets. I was told the price is locked and I can cancel or change for any reason, no change fee.
  9. Several years ago we caught a bus from Portofino to Santa Margherita Ligure and then a train to Cinque Terra
  10. shemp2000


    Can you get better rates if you call vs. booking through website. Will the agent be able to look for optional connections? Website shows ATL to FCO $1800 or BOS to FCO $650 RT I know I can get ATL to BOS for less than $1150. Thanks
  11. Edinburgh... caught bus at port....did on our own, some took the train instead of the bus Inverness (Loch Ness)... we got a rental car and headed north..castle, wiskey, chocolate Glasgow(Greenock)....took a train Dublin(2 days with overnight)... 20 minute walk to city tram. can walk everywhere once in town...Had the Dublin pass. HolyHead Wales... did a local bus tour that caters to cruise passengers St Peter Port Channel isles... stayed on ship due to weathrr Dover England... took a cab to cliffs, walked to castle only because we had no cash
  12. Has anyone come up with a solution for this?..I have a cruise in 2020 and I like to look at 2019 to get an idea of what the airfare will be. I use quick search on air2sea....
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