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  1. Looking to book a trip LAX to Sydney and return. The cheapest goes through Fiji. I asked Air2Sea if I could extend the 4 hour Fiji layover by a couple of days and they said no, even though Fiji airlines allows it. I have had many issues in the past getting different answers from Air2Sea representatives. Has anyone had luck extending a layover with Air2Sea.
  2. Wonder why Royal hasn’t canceled Asia yet. I have a Japan April 5 booked Celebrity Cruises will also be suspending their full 2020/21 Winter program in Australia and Asia. Additionally, Azamara will be suspending their 2020/21 Winter sailings throughout Australia & New Zealand, South Africa and South America
  3. We were on Anthem Oct 2019, New England and had no issues
  4. I was on Empress a couple of years ago out of Miami. Her best years are behind her.
  5. I do not believe the $15/25 is the fee that they refer to when the say “refundable with fee”. I have asked them directly in the past and they just say “if there is a fee”. I am assuming it is an airline fee, not sure when it kicks in or on which airlines
  6. On the air2sea site it always says “refundable ticket (with fee)” I can never get an answer on when that “fee” applies. I had a cruise and I changed the ticket twice to a lower price ticket and never had a fee charge. Is the fee charged only after you pay for the ticket with final cruise payment
  7. Good question. Here is what my insurance is doing for people, not a refund but a voucher. Never hurts to ask you insurance company If you cancelled your insurance policy on or after January 24, 2020 due to Coronavirus concerns and you are not eligible for a refund, you may be eligible instead for a travel insurance premium voucher for the full value of the policy purchased. To be eligible for a premium voucher, your original trip departure date must be no later than April 30, 2020. All premium vouchers issued must be redeemed for a new travel insurance policy for a covered trip
  8. change the preferred times in your search. sometimes that helps.
  9. Looking for reviews or alternative to Luggagent luggage delivery service at FCO. I used something similar in Paris and it worked well. Thanks
  10. Also, if you do not like the fares you are seeing under quick search, modify the preferred times. You will get all sorts of different fares and flight options depending on what you pick. Do not pick a preferred airline or non stop flight options, as those only show high fares. With those set to no preference, they will still show in the results.....For ATL to FCO the best fares show as depart 3PM and return 12PM. A month ago the best fares showed with 6PM and 12PM...... that has been my experience.
  11. I called to change my refundable flights. I was just told by and agent that the fare under quick search on air2sea was just an example of a fare that might be available in the next 3 months, it did not really exist. so the $810 fare was really $2500. He insisted on it. I knew he was wrong so I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor was on a Skype call so he had the agent mod my existing reservation so I could attempt a second booking. Well you guessed it, I was able to book the $810 fare no problem........ What is going on at air2sea that the
  12. The question was meant to ask if I purchase a 3 night package and a chef’s table; would there be a combo purchase discount..Thanks
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