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  1. Unfortunately by the time cruising begins again, our mobility conditions and age will make it improbable that we will ever cruise again. Believe me, we do want to cruise again, BUT. Our last cruise 24 day South Pacific crossing, where I experienced having to be taken off the ship (Noordam) in New Caldonia and hospitalized for 8 days is an experience we do not want to repeat. Everything worked out well finally returning home and insurances covered most of the extra costs, but never again. Hal were great in assisting us and taking care of my DW.
  2. Yes all is well. Keeping a low profile during the covid-19 virus though. thank you.
  3. Is this cruise over? It was for us too in Nov. of 2019. DH was taken off the Noordam and was in the hospital there in Noumea for eight days. He had a lung infection and suggested at first with a kidney failure. Good news was no kidney failure, but we had to make new travel plans and with the help of Hal and the Port Authority agent it all worked out great. Hope that is not the case for you.
  4. We were in cabin 4033 VB - the difference was of course no obstruction and the balcony was much larger, almost double the size. We really enjoyed it.
  5. Are days are pretty well over, we are in our mid eight's, so it much more difficult to get around especially in airports. But if were able we would very like to another ocean cruise on the Koningsdam Rome to Fort Lauderdale. Second choice would be a British Isles cruise, however we would prefer it department from England and return to England, but Hal only has it depart and return to I believe Amsterdam.
  6. Is an FCC actually cash funds or just a credit from Hal towards a future cruise? I thought an FCD involved actual cash, where an FCC is was it suggests - a "credit"?
  7. I am sorry for the statement concerning my comment. We have truly been happy with our PCC. Unfortunately due to health reasons we will not be cruising with HAL or any cruise line. They treated us great during our health situation last Nov. 2019. Thank you everyone involved who helped us. God Bless.
  8. What about all the employees from these ships? What will happen to them?
  9. Would you please explain the above comment about the 3 remaining provinces. I did not know we had a situation with them not being considered in the Victoria day celebration. I could understand Quebec thinking that way, but not the other two.
  10. We recently had need to make claims for health insurance and for travel cost insurance and both insurance company's used Allianx for their service. The claims were settled to our satisfaction we are happy to say. However with our age and the experience we have no plans to cruise again. We will now just enjoy the memories and friendships we have.
  11. How much longer will this website last?
  12. This discussion does not sound like it is going end friendly, might be a good idea to stop and just thank God Kindergirl's family are home safe and sound. Stay safe and healthy everyone and God bless.
  13. Do you know if that is what the ships in port today of other than Hal ships, are doing also?
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