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  1. On our cruise Oct.-Nov. 2018 on the Koningsdam we enjoyed the pillow chocolates. Looking forward enjoying them on our upcoming Noordam cruise.
  2. The example I can give is this, last Oct-Nov. 2018 we flew in two days early to Rome. We had booked our cruise through a PCC and we booked everything through Hal. We were met at the airport by a Hal rep after going through customs and collecting our luggage. then transferred to our Hotel. There was a Hal rep at the Hotel and two days later we were transferred to the port. It all went very smoothly. I would suggest to you the same will happen for you in Amsterdam.
  3. The transfers would be an additional cost. We used flight ease to fly to Tampa, same day as the cruise departed, and we purchased the Hal airport transfer to the port and worked out really well. Do not usually fly in same day as cruise departure, but that time we did.
  4. We are sailing right after the dry dock and are interested in knowing what the renovations might consist of.
  5. No that should not happen. we have preordered and we were not charged additional taxes.
  6. We received our cabin for cruise last October 2018 on the Koningsdam 10 days before the sailing date. We were pretty anxious, but it turned out great.
  7. I doubt it be under an hour, especially if there more one or two at the table.
  8. We have made reservations for late dining a number of times. I agree you my not be able to book early dinning, but can late. We have done it.
  9. Yes they do. We have done it quite often on several of our cruises where we have both open sitting.
  10. We have had room service on several the ships we been on debarkation day.
  11. Would you please comment on the new job classification of "Cruise and Travel Director" On our Koningsdam cruise last Oct.-Nov. 2018, they were two different persons. Hoping that the position is well accepted by all, including the C&TD.
  12. I am disappointed to tell you that someone must have been reading our comments who has the power to make changes to the Hal website, because I cannot now get the prices in both US$ or Cdn$ this morning like I could when we were answering one another on the 21st. It now shows only in Cdn$. WHY??? What's the problem?
  13. I am kind of jealous of them, but then when I remember the cost of a Neptune Suite, I get over it quick. I think they deserve that kind of service. Enjoy, looks great.
  14. Thank you. I checked my cruise price in both and checked the Cdn against the exchange rate and Hal price is better. I haven't checked that for a long time and am very surprised. However I did get good pricing at the time I booked last year for the cruise we are on in the fall, so I think I got a good deal. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
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