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  1. Thank! I think i will go ahead and cancel it.
  2. Yes, i have had fttf before and am aware of boarding priority. just trying to decide if it is worth it on this sailing since boarding is delayed.
  3. With the current delayed boarding, did you find the fttf worth it? (other than the guest services line). Did they still call platinum and fttf to board first? were all cabins already open for guests? Cant decide to keep it or cancel. Sailing in 3 days.
  4. Right! i thought we were going to be the only passengers. lol. We are coming in saturday. Have the same boarding time. Hopefully we wont have to wait too long.
  5. I was just about to post the same question. We are on the same ship and have fttf, wondering what time i can actually board.
  6. I ended up getting convinced to fly, so no parking is needed now. lol. I have booked the Drury Inn, but if I can get a better rate, that is always a plus! Dates are Feb 9-11.
  7. In February we are arriving late afternoon on a Saturday for a concert at the Smoothie King. Will spend Sunday touring French Quarter area. Cruise on Monday. 1. i dont want to spend a ton on hotels, but need a safe area. what hotels/area of town are best? i am not opposed to staying at one hotel saturday night, then going to a different one on sunday night. 2. will have my car, so something with free/inexpensive parking. 3. free breakfast is great, but not a dealbreaker. 4. parking at port, so no need for a park and stay hotel. 5. i am not opposed to taking a streetcar from the hotel to french quarter area on sunday. give me some hotel options?
  8. Have never used these! Are they e-cards? Can i purchase today then turn around this evening and use it towards my cruise payment?
  9. eh.. I would rather be surprised then pay to look at pictures.
  10. Ever get on here and read thru the topics out of pure boredom and find information on every ship, with photos of every cabin possible, all the fun times, etc etc... Yet when you have finally booked your cruise - there is not a single thread found for your ship! I just want fun times and cabin photos...nothing complicated. I have found 1 photo of my cabin and its so dark that it doesn't even look like a carnival cabin! And the fun times, well geez, i found one from 2 years ago. lol. No complaints....just bored and daydreaming about my cruise and wishing i could see photos.
  11. Despite the current construction, i am very excited about my upcoming cruise in February! anyone know if deck 6 has or will be renovated prior to drydock? would like to know if i will be in an updated cabin. Doesn't matter either way, just curious. Thanks!!
  12. Thank you guys! I booked it! so excited!
  13. I have a porthole cabin reserved, however I see that an interior picture window is available. Is it worth it to switch cabins? Anybody have any photos of these cabins you can share? Thanks!!!
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