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  1. To supplement the excellent account from TLCOhio ..I posted what follows on the Crystal board a little earlier where there appears to be some optimism from people that they will be cruising around Europe this Autumn (Fall). Whilst I genuinely hope that I am wrong I do think that their optimism is misplaced ! =============================================================================== There appears to be some optimism on this thread with regard to Europe being open for cruising this Autumn (Fall). Not wishing to 'rain on your parade' but in the past couple
  2. There appears to be some optimism on this thread with regard to Europe being open for cruising this Autumn (Fall). Not wishing to 'rain on your parade' but in the past couple of weeks things are suddenly not looking good at all in much of mainland Europe. The trends are reversing with talk of a 'third wave' emerging in the larger countries such as France, Germany, Italy etc. Many of these countries that have previously relaxed restrictions are going back into lockdown for a third time. In addition the vaccination programme in the EU is in turmoil with an ave
  3. ... and this article was published on the BBC News site just 1 hour ago - with the same conclusions as my previous post. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-56098313
  4. Maybe this helps - the official UK Government daily tracking data. This broadly concurs with the statement made by toSteve1 in NC. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/?_ga=2.162388156.1498870253.1613500540-249532212.1604064909 There is data in abundance on that site but the key graph illustrating new daily cases (rolling 7 day average) shows a reduction of 80% since the January peak :- 10,000 new daily cases September 2020 60,000 new daily cases January 2021 12,000 new daily cases February 2021 In the very rural county of 100,00 people w
  5. With respect this is incorrect. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has now given full approval for the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine a couple of days ago for all adults.
  6. That's useful to know thank you. I guess that is the most sensible way of handling this policy, giving the restaurants the knowledge to release these tables for waitlisted guests on the morning of the day in question.
  7. Hello SusieQft My wife & I were literally discussing that very thing just a few minutes ago ! We wondered how when approx 11 suites qualify for ‘guaranteed restaurant reservations’ does this mean that these suite occupiers can just turn up and expect a table is given them - and therefore 11 tables are always kept clear (not likely) or does it mean that guests in those suites still need to make a reservation that whilst being guaranteed doesn’t mean that one gets the time one wants ? I’m planning to ask my TA to find out this week !
  8. Hello Daisy - thank you so much for pointing us to this very useful thread - it is exactly what I was looking for. As stated previously we have dismissed the other 6 Grand Suites for various reasons so it is the 2 aft suites that remain of interest. In all honesty we like the Explorer/Splendor suites very much which we have experienced previously however we are interested in trying the aft Grand suites for 3 reasons - - the difference in price versus the Splendor suite is relatively modest - we are wishing to try an aft suites for the first time - the Gra
  9. Coincidentally we placed a hold on a Grand Suite - on Splendour - only yesterday and would also be interested in finding out a little more about the two suites on Deck 7 Aft. 784/785 (Either Explorer or Splendor). The layout plans, photos and virtual tours on the website appear to be for one of the mid ship suites 1012/1015. We've decided against these as they are directly below the pool deck and i've already picked up considerable negative comments regarding noise - as is sometimes the case below pool decks. Having been in front facing suites previously the 4 Grand Sui
  10. Like you I was visiting Weymouth last week - 9 cruise ships spotted I think. A relative sent us a photo this morning from 'round the corner' in Torbay - 6 more cruise ships there, including another Cunard I think. Crazy times indeed !
  11. Coincidentally my TA asked the Regent UK office this question for me just this morning. We were advised that they are currently working on the 2022 itineraries being released in October 2020. Pinch of salt time methinks !
  12. As already stated the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is one of the senior UK governmental departments - more commonly referred to as 'The Foreign Office'. In the context of travel the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in the UK gives advice - to quote their website :- “about travelling abroad, including the latest information on coronavirus, safety and security, entry requirements and travel warnings”. Their website https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice lists advice about each country individually, in addition to more general advice.
  13. Refund for this cancelled cruise received today - 117 days since Crystal cancelled it !
  14. I was just carrying out some basic analysis of the the informative spreadsheet that SusieQft has helpfully compiled in the thread Crystal Refund Roll Call. A couple of key points :- 20 out of 45 have received their refunds, with 11 of these taking longer than 90 days 62% had to wait, or are still waiting longer than the 90 days ! As many probably know the 90 days is a pipe dream for most !
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