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  1. nchpycampr

    Online check in with Debit Card

    We just cruised May 4th through 11th and did have a hold on our debit card. RCI put a hold for $1000 on our debit card, our actual charges were $700. Even after the $700 charge cleared the hold for $1000 was still on our account. I was told the hold normally drops off after 10 days. I had to call my bank and RCI customer service to get it released and straightened out. Needless to say I will never use a debit card for Sea Pass purchases again!
  2. nchpycampr

    Serenade vs Adventure Spring 2010

    I can identify with scrutinizing every decision about your cruise. I did the same thing. I think you can't go wrong with either ship. We did the Adventure 4 port route on May 4th. It is a beautiful ship and the islands were great too! Don't think you'll be disappointed with Serenade or Adventure.
  3. I had the seafood skewer last Wednesday so maybe there is hope! Others have mentioned it not being cooked properly but mine was perfect. I bought the cookbook so I will be attempting my favorites at home. I know it won't be the same but I can't afford to cruise every week!
  4. nchpycampr

    Godfrey Tours

    We just used Godfrey on 5-3. He was on time. The tour was very informative and he was very knowledgeable. We did run into traffic problems but you can't blame him for that. I thought Godfrey tours was a great value for the $25 per person.
  5. nchpycampr

    Cheap Transportation on St. Thomas

    We just returned from our cruise Sunday. We experienced a really bad traffic jam. A 10 minute ride back to the pier took 1 1/2 hours! Be sure you allow extra time so you're not late getting to the ship.
  6. nchpycampr

    Does everyone gain weight on a cruise?

    :) I just returned Sunday from Adventure of the Seas. I had weigh-in yesterday and was thrilled to have lost .2 pounds. I ate dessert every night and many other things that I wouldn't normally eat. I really enjoyed my food! I think the key was that I took the steps everywhere and did lots of extra walking. I have gotten right back on my Weight Watchers Core program since I returned. FYI I had lost 30 pounds since January.
  7. nchpycampr

    Leaving for San Juan on Saturday

    We are leaving on AOS this Sunday too! Flying in Saturday and staying at Marriott Stellaris. Booked last April so we are REALLY ready to go!
  8. nchpycampr

    AOS review Tuesday, Day 3 Aruba April 8, 2008

    Thanks so much for taking the time to post. We are leaving May 4th and reading your review just adds to the excitement!
  9. nchpycampr

    Gifts and Gear - robes

    Which ones come in the Grand Romance package??
  10. nchpycampr

    Hubby Doesn't Match-Does It Matter?

    To me matching outfits doesn't mean two people both wearing black. I guess that is a male/female thing. At least a few of you understood!
  11. nchpycampr

    What's the most.....

    I have currently lost 26 1/2, hope to be at 30 lbs by my cruise in 16 days! I started in January. Good luck! It's all a mind set.
  12. nchpycampr

    Hubby Doesn't Match-Does It Matter?

    I hadn't come back to see additional responses until day! My my, I created a little controversy. My husband is fully capable of dressing himself and I do not tell him what to wear (for the most part, lol). My concern was the 25th anniversary photos. For people that thought I was trying to have matching outfits-I have to laugh at that assumption. Obviously on cruises some people don't care how they look and some do. Am I anal about things that don't matter to some people? Guilty! Do I care if you wear shorts to the dining room? No! I appreciate the responses from the people that understood why I was asking! Happy cruising to all!!
  13. Buffetfan you are my hero! I am sorry your family didn't understand your dedication to the cause. lol We are cruising on AOS on May 4th. I have been frantically trying to find a current menu. I am on Weight Watchers and really want to plan out what I will be eating. I hope you are going to post the other days too! PLEASE!!!
  14. nchpycampr

    Gifts and Gear??

    Txcruiser I was also waiting for a response. My Mom & her husband are cruising with us and I was wondering if the robes would fit them. Both are plus size. Hopefully someone will answer!
  15. nchpycampr

    Hubby Doesn't Match-Does It Matter?

    Thanks to responders! DH's suit does not have pinstripes that would stand out in a photo. I think we will be fine. I can spend that new suit money on something else more fun! The black and white photo is a good idea too.