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  1. I'm looking for feedback on this NCL excursion. I have a 14yo with autism, we have a pool at home and he is a strong swimmer and has snorkeled before, however I wouldn't call him athletic.
  2. lucigo

    First time in Tortola..

    This may be why our April 2018 cruise does not list the Baths as an excursion. What is a 2nd choice for first timers to Tortola?
  3. lucigo

    HMC buried Treasures!

    I definitely will! My friends are getting one of the 2 story cabanas, and they plan to play along also, so will let you know which one they get!
  4. lucigo

    HMC buried Treasures!

    Great tip, thanks!!
  5. lucigo

    Kites at Half Moon?

    Does anyone know if it's okay to fly a kite at HMC? We will be in a cabana, so down that end...
  6. lucigo

    HMC buried Treasures!

    Awesome! I'm going to ask for 11 :) We picked up a party pack of pirate eye patches, looking fwd to finding other treasure gifts in the next couple of weeks!
  7. lucigo

    HMC buried Treasures!

    We will be at HMC on Nov 2 and hoping to participate! Is #11 the only one with treasure so far? We are platinum and have high hopes of picking a cabana in the 9-12 range.
  8. I will be traveling with a young teen with autism who loves to swing. I have been thinking we would like to ask for 10 or above. Do all of these cabanas have a hammock, or should we ask for a certain one?
  9. lucigo

    Atlantis - The Digs

    Has anyone been recently? Can you still buy tix at the resort? Price? Would appreciate reviews.
  10. I usually get the Citi easy deals ones but they are out of the egift cards so I have to wait for them to be mailed. Do the other sites offer egift cards?
  11. I figured out how to imbed it :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=[YOUTUBE]X3hIFss0HUY[/YOUTUBE]
  12. We had a little fun with the bucket drop, found the slow motion feature on my phone and used the underwater camera. https://youtu.be/[YOUTUBE]d3IMb4uUO9c[/YOUTUBE]
  13. I haven't snorkeled a bunch, so imagine my surprise when I realized I was right on top of a flounder. The picture at the end of this short video is how he looked when I found him.
  14. lucigo

    Champagne Snorkel Adventure

    We did the Champagne Reef by boat excursion. Not a colorful reef type excursion but we did see a lot of bubbles and our guide brought up warm water in a snorkel for us to feel.