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  1. We are booked on the Coral Princess for a 12 day Alaska cruise May 2021 (hopefully) and noticed the cruise before (L.A. to Vancouver) was a Medallion Vacation Cruise (also the one before FLL to L.A. is a Medallion Vacation Cruise). The 12 day Alaska, however, is listed as a Medallion Net Available cruise and looks like not a full Medallion Vacation Cruise. Have tried contacting our PVP and Captains Circle, but no reply, though I can understand why as they are probably very busy. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or possible reasons.
  2. If I remember correctly they are. If you have the Premium Beverage Package or Coffee and Soda package, the milkshakes are included. The Classic Soda Package does not. Enjoy!!
  3. Our first Princess cruise was on the Golden (2008), a one day from Seattle to Vancouver. We have sailed on the Golden Princess more than any other Princess ships (7 out of 18 Princess Cruises). Always had great experiences and enjoyed very much each cruise. Was hoping to do at least one more cruise on the Golden, but I guess that is not to be. Very happy memories!!
  4. Star Princess end of September 2019. Northern California round trip from Seattle. Great weather for the whole cruise. Have one booked on the Coral Princess for May 2021, we will have to wait and see about that one. In the mean time, enjoy the memories!
  5. Does not surprise me at all. Odd thing is, have not seen or heard anything on any local Seattle stations or newspapers about the suspension.
  6. The bandstand is on the port side. We have had the Mini-suites on Emerald deck right above the bandstand and have not been bothered at all by the music. It usually is over by around 10 or so.
  7. According to the Princess Website, the Coral Princess is due to start Medallion Class Cruising in Oct 2020. My curiosity is that we have booked a 12 day Alaska cruise on the Coral for May 2021. The cruise just prior to ours (4 day Coastal from L.A. to Vancouver B.C.) is listed as a Medallion Class Cruise. The cruise we are booked on that immediately follows the coastal cruise is listed as Medallion Net Wi-Fi available, with no mention of Medallion Class. Anyone have any thoughts as to why? It looks like most if not all of the 2021 Alaska cruises are listed as Medallion Net Wi-Fi available
  8. We were on the Star end of September and the TVs were still mounted on the shelves in the minis. Because of the size of the new TVs, it would be much better if they were mounted on the wall.
  9. Last I heard he was on the Grand Princess in mid August.
  10. You no longer need to take your life jacket to muster drill. Yea!!
  11. We were just on the Ruby (July 27th Cruise) and we had the cabin right next door to yours (R738). We really enjoy Riviera Aft cabins. Did not notice any noise from Caribe Cafe and the easy access to the Terrace Pool and Outrigger Bar is great. Cafe Caribe serves breakfast I believe from 6:30am to 11:30am. Even when the pool area was crowded, we could not hear it in our cabin. If Joel is still the room steward, you will enjoy him.
  12. John99, Thanks for the info on the Stars latest updates. Will be on the Star end of September. We were just on the Ruby (July 27) and it too has been wired for OM, but not yet active. Qcruise, Enjoy your cruise!!
  13. I received an email yesterday (for an Alaska cruise July 27) with a move-over offer from a Balcony (BE) to an Obstructed Oceanview. Compensation was 100% of cruise fare in refundable OBC. I called and left a message, but have not heard back. I suspect I was not fast enough.
  14. We were there last September on the Ruby and were tendered into to Wharf 1.
  15. We will be on the Ruby for the July 27th sailing. The email we received a few days ago does say that Magic to Do will be on the ship. Carlos Oscar will be the featured entertainer. A couple of the Movies playing are Captain Marvel and Dumbo. Enjoy!!
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