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  1. thespian

    Eclipse Baltic Sailings - How many Kids ?

    Hi We have just got back from a fantastic cruise on the Eclipse. The weather was amazing which enhanced the beauty of the ports. Definitely a good month to do the Baltic. I was surprised by the amount of youngsters - I thought the lack of ports with beaches, climbing walls etc would deter young families but seemingly not. The youngsters did not cause any issue for us other than them bombing up and down the corridor! They did use the adult only solarium but then it's the only indoor pool. Yes, they were having a lot of fun in the pool but the noise that youngsters made was preferably to the exceptionally loud band! There was a good mix of ages on the cruise and the children for the most part were credits to their parents. There were teenagers in groups but not the feral gangs we have experienced in the Med. they were polite in the lifts and around the ship. I think parents are sensible and don't book Celebrity if their children prefer the attractions of livelier ships. Book the cruise and have a fantastic time - Eclipse is a fabulous ship, the staff are amazing and the Ports of Call are brilliant. Enjoy!
  2. thespian

    St Petersburg 2 day and ballet

    Thank you so much for the advice. I wanted to go with the ship's tour for the ballet because it seemed easier to book and the Celebrity website gives the impression that they would definitely have tickets. It would have been lovely to have seen the Mariinsky ballet but I believe in making the best of things and as we are only tourists, I'm sure we'll enjoy Swan Lake. It's a holiday to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary so it's special anyway. Having read the posts it seems like we'll have enough time to do the SPB tour and the ship's.
  3. Has anyone done the SPB 2 day trip to see the sights in St Petersburg and then come back to do the Celebrity Eclipse trip to the ballet? I am just wondering if it gets back in time to do the ballet or if I should book both excursions with the ship. Any advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
  4. thespian

    Berlin - which tour is best?

    Thank you for your advice. I have looked at the price for a mini-break in Berlin and it works out as not much more than the day trip from the ship! We have decided to go for a mini-break in Berlin instead. :)
  5. I hope someone can help with our dilemma! We are sailing on the Eclipse on the 8th August this summer and we are trying to decide on the tours to book. There are two tours in Berlin which sound good and as they are both £156 then cost can't be deciding factor. We are leaning towards the one with a river cruise as opposed to the 20th century experience but I wanted to know if this trip included sites such as the Brandenburg Gate etc. Any advice would be welcome. Thank you.
  6. thespian

    Bali Hai

    Hi I also loved The Bali Hai on the Equinox and watched the barman make it. He used black currant liqueur, Malibu, passion fruit juice. He whizzed those in a mixer with ice. No idea about the proportions. The previous poster's recipe sound much more posh though and is probably the proper one!