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  1. It always amazes me that they don't have, say, a Nespresso machine in each cabin. Other cruise lines have them and many hotels, especially in USA.
  2. We also were on the crossing with the NSO last year. Highly recommended.
  3. I once had a waiter approach me in the grills room to see if I wanted a drink and I said that I fancied a margarita but that drinks on ships always tasted like they had forgotten the alcohol. He said "Leave it to me" and came back with a drink that tasted exactly like it should.
  4. We were in 13007 last year and it was fine
  5. Last time I asked the "Cuban" cigars were not Cuban at all, just made with Cuban tobacco.
  6. I agree completely about the deck 13 cabins. We had a week in them last year and have booked a round trip next year
  7. Like your husband I have hearing problems as I can only hear in one ear. My first time on QM2 was a three week voyage and they put us on a table for 6 in the middle of the Britannia restaurant and refused to move us so I had to stop dining there. Since then we have used Britannia Club where you can dine when you like but more importantly it is much quieter.
  8. Yes, I can remember buying advance credit at $1.80 to the pound. Sadly, those days are long gone.
  9. We have been in Britannia, Britannia Club, Princess Grill and Queens Grill, although only the first two were on QM2. I think that the Britannia Club is the best value and we have done that twice and booked for a two-way Atlantic crossing next April also. You have to watch the prices, the Club price has come down £300 since we booked (they call it fluid pricing).
  10. We were in the choir last year and can really recommend it. They had two choirs and each one sang for one NSO performance.
  11. I'm not really complaining, just pointing out how the prices vary. Last year we paid £2,579 each for the same cabin and that was just for one way, although we did get three nights in NY, so the two-way trip seems a bargain.
  12. I booked two Club cabins last December for a voyage in April 2019 at a cost of £2,499 each. Now I find that Cunard are selling them at £2,199 each. Quite a reduction? My travel agent contacted Cunard who said that it was "fluid pricing" and there was nothing they could do.
  13. We got to see backstage for free on our last voyage by joining the ship's choir. We were accompanied by the National Symphony Orchestra with Anthony Inglis conductor and choir-master.
  14. We were transferred to Brooklyn from our hotel last year and arrived at 12.30 to find that everyone else had the same idea. Boarding took over two hours. The staff blamed it on people ignoring their assigned time.
  15. We did a Westbound in 2007 and booked a Manhattan trip. It took so long to get through immigration that we only got 30 minutes in Manhattan. Cunard did refund us the cost of the shuttle though.
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