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  1. Bruno, so glad to hear from you and know that your condition is known and treatable. I was getting worried.
  2. We walked off the ship at 7:30 and arrived at Sea-Tac at 8:07. Hector in the Neptune Lounge worked us magic and got us Port Valet even though our flight was 7 minutes too early. That was due to a schedule change by the airline. Now sitting at the gate waiting to board.
  3. No, just the first day out of Seattle and now. It was wild enough last night that the furniture on the balcony was totally rearranged. I rescued three chair cushions but one was missing. The stewards found it on the balcony next door.
  4. This is a definite! I will have to reign Sue in. She says hi back.
  5. Lots of the same ports. Definitely we want to trade information.
  6. That is great news. Thank you for keeping us posted.
  7. What are your ports in Norway? I did the Midnight Sun itinerary in 2017 and loved it. We went to Bergen, Flam, Geiranger, Alesund, Trondheim, Honningsvag, Eidfjord, and Stavanger. Most are great DIY ports.
  8. Hi Jacqui, Could you please change the dates of our Best if Norway from September 11-25 2022 to July 17-31 of 2022? Many thanks!
  9. I started something when I took the upsell to the Neptune. Sister Sue has been muttering all week that we need to make a Neptune happen for Norway next year. So, today we rebooked Norway. We moved it from September to July (better weather) and booked an aft wrap on the Rotterdam. Date changes work for all. Nephew Matt and his parter, Laura, are planning to join us.
  10. Yes, it has been a bit of a wild ride last night and this morning. Captain reported winds of 55-70 knots. It is starting to settle down a bit now. You have to have some motion of the ocean! We said when we booked we didn’t care if it was cold and rainy all week. We’re on a ship.
  11. I sure am having a great time. We ate at the Tamarind last night and it was out of this world good. By far the best meal I've had at the Tamarind. We both enjoyed the Szechuan Shrimp. I had the baby back ribs for an appetizer, but they were in a close race with the salad with kaffir lime dressing. Sue really liked the Satay Sampler. And, the cheesecake for dessert was great! @kazu the cod recipes look fabulous. I'd like to try both versions. @rafinmd safe travels today. I hope we hear some good news from Bruno soon.
  12. Good afternoon/evening/middle of the night. We’re in Ketchikan today. We took a boat tour out to Misty Fjords. It is such a beautiful place, but I can see why there are float plane accidents. The fog rolls in very quickly.
  13. We’ve been having the same experience, Maxine. We had dinner in the PG on Monday and it was great! Rudy’s Sel de Mer was wonderful last night. And our PG breakfasts are superb. Different folks, different experiences.
  14. Bruno, get well now!! I’m thinking of you and sending positive energy your way.
  15. Absolutely! Problems are not solved by posting negative comments on Cruise Critic. When I ordered a dish and didn't think there was enough of something I asked for more. The waiter was more than happy to get it for me. Give them the opportunity to please you and in most cases they will.
  16. That is very kind of you to say. There are some that could possibly be on that list but I have found that the scroll on by technique works well, too. Sometimes they have some helpful information. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. It is impossible to infer proper intonation and emphasis in the written word. Unless you know the person you could be reading them entirely wrong. So, I tend to just S O B. Scroll on by.
  17. @kazuI’m going with Jose’s version of arroz con pollo. Looks great! We had a nice tour this morning in Sitka viewing seals, otters, bald eagles, and whales. When we got back we tried the Navigator app for ordering from Dive In. It was almost ready when we got there. We went to choose a seat and by the time we sat down it was there.
  18. I had to go back and read that other post. Human nature, I suppose. I think the ignore list is a great thing. I put my first person on it this past year and your friend might be the second.
  19. Different people have different impressions. As soon as we walk in our Virgin Marys are ordered. The wait staff are all friendly. Now the internet is another story. Fortunately, I can read Spanish, but not all can. To have all the sites come up in Spanish is unacceptable. Even the HAL site comes up in Spanish with an admonition that they have had to redirect me too often. I was playing around with it and it gave my location as somewhere in Chile. And then there are the sites it won't let me access like the Ohio Department of Health. What gives with that? I've never had this kind of trouble with internet. Not even up inside the arctic circle. If I could do a Zoom meeting while off the coast of Greenland there is no excuse for the poor performance here. Also, it is apparently down every Monday. I should put this somewhere else instead of bringing down the Daily.
  20. Howdy everyone. Just checking in to say we are having the best time. This is our first time, and possibly only time unless there are future wonderful upsells, in a Neptune suite. We love having breakfast in the Pinnacle Grill each morning. Service has been exemplary and the food good. It feels like a home to us now. The staff seems genuinely happy to have us onboard. Several times a day we tell each other how happy we are to be doing this. We are truly fortunate to be able to cruise in good times, let alone in a pandemic.
  21. Or if they made enough to,pay for child care for their children. In the vast majority of cases, they are not lazy oafs happy to live off the dole.
  22. Fortunately, no one has ever suggested that I might melt in the rain. We'll enjoy Juneau no matter what the weather. We're on a ship! I told Sue I didn't care if it was cold and rainy all week. It can even be horizontal snow. Someone on an earlier cruise mentioned Hector in the Neptune Lounge. I have nothing to compare to as this is a first experience, but he is wonderful! We are doing scientific studies on whales today with a licensed research team. Should be fun. We meet at the head of the dock at 1:20.
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