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  1. hajekfam

    The New Celebrity Captains Club is Here!

    [quote name='bob278'] We really lucked out with the Founders status. We signed up and authorized payment for $30 p/p to join. Before the charge hit my credit card, I got an e-mail saying the program had changed but we would still be enrolled as Founders.[/QUOTE] Can't remember how much it cost when we joined after our first Celebrity cruise on the Zenith its inaugural year back in 1992. But there was only one fee that covered all immediate family members including children who cruised - not a p/p fee. And I remember them telling us that they gave credit for any Chandris Fantasy cruises. I still have my old silver cards with the blue and white anchor and writing with really low membership numbers.
  2. hajekfam

    Real turkey dinner on Thanksgiving

    Don't expect to see the green bean casserole! :) Sent from my iPad using Forums mobile app
  3. For those of you who are having a problem printing an Xpress pass (it says not ready), check to see if the website update is causing your reservation to show an outstanding balance. I had been unable to print my Xpress pass - it said not ready. When I checked my reservation it showed a small outstanding balance. As we are paid in full (cruise is in 2 weeks), I called and they verified that we were paid in full. I still was unable to do the Xpress pass. So I called again this morning and asked if the website showed that we had an outstanding balance even though we were paid in full, would that prevent me from getting our Xpress pass. The rep thought that might be the problem so he said he would take care of it and email me when he got it fixed. I went on tonight and sure enough, our outstanding balance was gone and I was finally able to print our Xpress pass.
  4. hajekfam

    Livorno To Florence

    [quote name='Onessa']But on our Baltic cruise this summer, our cabin was directly above the ship entrance and we sat on our balconey while the departure was pushed back over 45minutes because a ship sponsored tour bus was caught up in a traffic jam. Just some added piece of mind when the distance is as long as it is in Rome or Florence. We do local transportation most ports, but only when the trip back to the ship can be made by foot or easy taxi service.[/QUOTE] Have to agree with the peace of mind - in fact that is one of the selling points of ship's excursions. But it wasn't always that way! I sailed on the Century maiden voyage back in 1995 before Celebrity had you key card off and on the ship - you could come and go at will while in port. We were in San Juan at Christmas and DH & I were on the top deck watching passengers running to make the ship. We left on time and in the middle of the night DH woke me up saying we arrived at our next port and were tendered. We didn't have any tenders on this cruise so I told him he was dreaming and go back to sleep. The next morning he looked out the window and told me that wasn't what he saw in the middle of the night and we were docked. After talking to several staff we found out what happened. Evidently one of the ship sponsored tour buses got caught in holiday traffic and missed the ship. The ship didn't know it as there wasn't a Celebrity staff on the bus and nobody knew that a whole busload of passengers didn't make it back to the ship as they didn't track goings and comings. So the captain had to turn around and head back to San Juan. He couldn't dock as Celebrity would have to pay another docking fee, so he tendered and they had to bring those stranded passengers out to the ship on the pilot boat. After they got those passengers, we still made it to our next port early.
  5. hajekfam

    Livorno To Florence

    [quote name='elkay68']Thank you for the replies. I am hoping they offer on the 11/24 transatlantic. I know we could get to Florence by bus/train but I would rather pay a little more and have the ship be responsible for getting us back rather than an independent operator or myslef.[/QUOTE] I was able to download the shore excursion booklet for the Constellation 11/24 transatlantic today (we just booked this cruise 2 weeks ago) and they offer a Florence on your own, Pisa on your own, and a Florence and Pisa on your own. It also states that if you miss the bus, return to the ship is your responsibility.
  6. [quote name='Karen@Steve']Since I'm booked, paid, confirmed and have received my luggage tags for my cruise in 4 weeks I can look at the site with amusement. My booking appears with the right cabin but the total cost is now stated as $700 on the front page. When I view my reservation the real amount I paid is accurate but the cost is listed as $7 more than what I paid and I now have an amount due of $7. I decided not to purchase any excursion or addons to avoid having to call and only pay the amount of the add on. I think the $7 price difference might be a difference in gratuities. As the quoted price for Select gratuities $168 is different than what they quoted in the fare $175. I have no explanation for the $700. LOL. If $700 is the real price...I want a refund of more than $1800! hahaha![/QUOTE] My reservation for our cruise in three weeks appears with the right price but with the wrong amount of taxes and fees and therefore shows a balance due. I called as the documents I printed last night showed us as fully paid. They did tell me that they were having problems with the website and checked with Celebrity and we are fully paid.
  7. hajekfam

    Upgrade on Celebrity

    We have cruised Celebrity exclusively since 1992 and have never gotten an upgrade. Celebrity rarely gives free upgrades.
  8. hajekfam

    Eclipse American Girl Cruise

    They really don't use high chairs for the dolls - I would expect that AG will be supplying their doll chairs that they use in their cafes that clip onto the table edge. Unfortunately, when a group books a ship, they also book public spaces for their private functions. For example, the movie theater will be showing AG movies, there is supposed to be a pool event, etc. The only people that would be admitted to these events would be those who booked through AG. Having granddaughters with AG dolls, we had priced this cruise both through AG and Celebrity just to see what the price difference was and booking through AG (which gets you the AG events) was about $300 -$500 higher than booking directly with the cruiseline - that extra is paying for the booking of facilities for events. We did not book - I couldn't justify paying that much for a cruise.
  9. hajekfam

    Elite on 10th cruise (credit) of after

    Larry is correct - but there was a start date for the extra points for longer cruises or higher category staterooms. It was after 2001 that the extra point for longer cruises took effect (our Sept., 2001 fourteen night transatlantic cruise only counted for one point). You have to have sailed in Concierge class or higher or sailed on a 12 night or longer cruise after the start date to get the extra point (s).
  10. hajekfam

    ???? Big Movie screen outdoors?

    That happened on one of our Celebrity cruises also - we don't get off the ship in the Caribbean as we have been there, done that. It was very annoying - we had a balcony and were not able to enjoy it or the nearly private pool because of the sound from the movie on the other ship. I hope Celebrity never does it. If we want to see a movie, we can go to the theater where only the people who are in the room are the ones who hear it.
  11. hajekfam

    C&A reciprocity with Captains Club

    To make sure, call the Captains club and make sure your Crown & Anchor status is relected on your captain's club account. I have found the people answering the Captain's Club phones are some of the nicest and most helpful people at Celebrity land based services.
  12. hajekfam

    Seasick on the Century Question.

    We have been on the Century several times including the maiden voyage. Out of all the Celebrity ships we have been on, the Century does seem to have a vibration problem - especially in the main dining room. In fact on the maiden voyage, a couple of times we had to grab the silverware as it was vibrating off the table. But it is not a constant vibration and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with rough seas. We have been in rough seas on the Century and didn't feel any vibration in the dining room, and we have been on smooth seas where we did. However, even when there was vibration in the dining room, we didn't feel it in any of our cabins which were mid-ship.
  13. hajekfam

    Port or starboard on transatlantic europe to usa

    Weather is a matter of luck - we have done 4 (one in Sept, one in Oct, one in Nov. and one in Dec) westbound transatlantics - Barcelona to Ft Lauderdale - and have had wonderful weather for all four. In fact to show how weather is just pure luck, out of the four, the warmest crossing was the one in Dec. 2007. We did enjoy our balcony on all our transatlantics. We have had cabins on both the starboard and port sides. The starboard side gave us great sunsets, the port side gave us more sun during the day.
  14. hajekfam

    Coffee Pots on Eclipse

    I think that you are mistaken - Celebrity has never had coffee pots in staterooms (at least regular staterooms through concierge class) and we have cruised Celebrity since 1992 with three different sailings on Century (1995, 2004. 2009). Now if you were in a suite - well I am not sure of the amenities as we have never booked a suite.
  15. hajekfam

    Lunch in the Main Dining Room

    We always check the lunch dining room menu and then make our decision on where to eat. There are times where we go to the dining room and have appetizer, soup, salad and/or dessert and then go up to the buffet area for the our entree.