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  1. Really sorry to see this come to an end, your update was the first thing I looked for when I opened Cruise Critic. You have a fantastic way with words and such an upbeat, positive outlook on things, just a real pleasure to read. Learned a lot about the places you went and especially enjoyed your descriptions of all the local food you tried, got some great notes for places to eat and visit on future trips. Thank you for being the highlight of the day!!!
  2. pearliemae

    problems with Prinsendam

    . Her Pinnacle Grill with it's beautiful wood walls would not be permitted in new ships now. and it still glows. The Pinnacle Grill was installed after the Seabourn Sun was transferred over to Holland America. That entire central area of the ship was part of the one seating dining room Royal Viking, Cunard Royal Viking, and Seabourn featured on the ship, which included the areas of the Pinnacle, Ocean bar and back thru the side and aft dining areas that still exist. We moved to the Seabourn Sun when our beloved Vistafjord and Cunard was sold. Yes, we knew the same corporation owned both companies, but the Sun was more appropriate to our desire for a smaller ship that was run on a more old-time upscale level. We enjoyed several cruises on the Sun, and when she was turned over to Holland America, continued to cruise on her. Still a great lady!!! We still enjoy her.
  3. pearliemae

    Christmas & New Years On The Amsterdam 2014

    Glad to read you had a great cruise and did not have to face your dreaded turn around day in Ft Lauderdale. That turtle tour sounds like a real winner. Got a kick out of your 'fish and chips' experience!!! Great review!!
  4. pearliemae

    Eden Roc

    Did you get taken to dinner at the Starlight Roof? Fantastic food and experience.
  5. pearliemae

    Live From The Amsterdam Christmas & New Years

    Hope this cruise reaffirms your love for HAL and you both have a great cruise. Keep on keeping us all up to date, and please report any puppy sightings. You are sure going to have a Merry Christmas and a great New Years Eve, being aboard the Amsterdam. Wish we were aboard. Smooth sailing!:)
  6. pearliemae

    Maasdam Photos

    Thanks for the Maasdam Memories. Your pictures are wonderful, thank you for all your reporting and hard work. Of the HAL ships we have been on, the Maasdam and Prinsendam have that special vibe that fairly jumps out of your photographs. You really bring out the joy of cruising, thanks again.
  7. pearliemae

    3rd time's the Charm

    Maybe you might think about booking an -X- cruise on one of the ships with the lawn club and you could watch the grass grow? Happy Holidays, everybody!
  8. pearliemae

    42 Day Atlantic Adventure MS Maasdam review

    Great review, brought back a lot of memories. We did this cruise a couple years ago and really enjoyed it, so much that we are seriously considering doing it again next year. I especially enjoyed your mini reviews of the ports of call, right to the point. Thanks again!
  9. Your pictures are great, the shots of the falcon fantastic! Thanks for sharing.
  10. pearliemae

    Should I be concerned booking with Oceania

    I tried to find that review, and could not locate it. Could you please tell me how to find it? Thanks
  11. Your review and photos (all of them) were really great. I especially appreciated the great detail you went into on your shore excursions and your pictures were wonderful. Thanks again!
  12. Please keep them coming, looking forward to the rest of your review.
  13. pearliemae

    Please Tell Me About The Prinsendam

    That enclosed area was always available for lido usage if weather allowed, since at least the time when the ship was sailing as the Seabourn Sun. We enjoyed many meals sitting out there. It was covered with a canvas canopy and open on all sides. Now it is glass enclosed with a permanent roof. Before this, there was a narrow glass walled passageway aft of the elevator shaft with 2tops along the outer edge, that joined the port and starboard aft portions of the inside lido area.
  14. and your pictures are fantastic. Thanks for the time and energy and sharing your trip and talent with us.