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  1. Post this on their Facebook page. Maybe a little public shaming will do the trick. Frankly, I would expect better from any Globus brand, especially Avalon. The least they could do is credit your deposit toward a future trip.
  2. Flights to the US are NOT stopped. The order prevents foreign travelers from entering the US. It does not prevent Americans from returning home.
  3. Highly doubtful they will cancel a cruise this close in. You may have a light load on the cruise, which can be great for the pax. Not so great for the company. We’ve been on Avalon with as few as 80 pax to the max of 130. 100 or so is just right.
  4. You could sail from Koblenz in the wee hours and still make Cologne by 0830. . Hard schedule times are not always posted far in advance and everything is subject to change anyway due to lockings and river conditions. itineraries are fluid on river cruises. Just go with the flow.
  5. I haven’t done that particular itinerary but we’ve done Avalon both ways through there had an overnight in Cologne both ways. Yours, however, sounds like just a day stop in Cologne. Early arrival. City tour. A bit of free time then sail to Amsterdam?
  6. The ship won’t even know the assigned dock until a couple days before the cruise, typically.
  7. Just keep in mind that things change from season to season. And even from cruise to cruise due to river and/or lock conditions.
  8. We have sailed both way so have done Rudesheim twice. We skipped the included tour the second time but joined up the coffee house. Both times we were there early in the day and sailed away in the afternoon. For Cologne, I don’t recall the first time (Rhine and Moselle eastbound) but the second one (Vienna to Amsterdam) We were there one afternoon and evening and did not sail until around lunch the next day.
  9. We will typically give a little extra to the lounge waitresses and the dining room servers who take care of us the most. Usually €10 each.
  10. Tips for Avalon’s local guides and drivers are included. Of course, you can always til extra and it should be in Euros at the end of the excursion.
  11. Pay any individual tips in Euros so they won’t have to run to a bank to exchange dollars. or, pay the combined staff tips and Cruise Director tip by credit card with at reception desk.
  12. Always a possibility. River too low during drought or two high due to flooding. Avalon, though not entirely immune, is far less likely to be affected by low water. Avalon ships are quite new and designed with shallow drafts to allow them to sail in waters shallow enough to keep other cruise lines at the dock. We’ve sailed Avalon four times in the last six years and have never been affected, but other lines sure were. We’ve seen many other ships stuck. Viking seems particularly to be affected. We have often met Viking pax in port towns whose cruise has turned into a bus tour, or who had done ship swaps when their ship couldn’t make it down the river. Two years ago, it was so bad that when we arrived in Vienna, ships (double and triple stacked) lined the river for a long distance. Cruisers on other lines told us the only ships they had seen moving for several days were Avalon ships.
  13. Suntan, timings are very fluid on river conditions. Several factors affect dock and departure times. It’s not uncommon for some stops to be totally cancelled due to river conditions. You might plan your independent outings but I advise against booking reservations, buying tickets, etc, because you just won’t know the timings until the night before and even those could easily be changed. You should really look carefully at Avalon’s included and optional excursions. I can’t imagine that’s there’s something you want to see that’s not already offered.
  14. For the most part, you should be fine to wait til you get on board. But if there’s something you REALLY want to do, go ahead and book it. Some excursions have limited seating- like one bus load. There are also INCLUDED EXCURSIONS that can be booked ahead of time. So, as a four time Avalon veteran, I’d advise to go ahead and book everything you want to do.
  15. I don't understand the need to be joined at the hip twenty four hours a day with your traveling companions. You're with them virtually all day, every day. Why do you need to have them sleeping right next door? We have traveled with family as well as several other couples and we intentionally book a cabin away from everyone. We mostly do our own thing during the day. Have dinner together in the evening as well as attend shows together, etc. I don't need to have them next door to us at night. We sailed on Vista in November with our son and his family. We had a balcony on 9 and they had a family suite on 2. We had a lovely time with them but never once did we visit in each other's cabins.
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