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  1. It does sound weird, especially since the photos (the thing most likely to get stolen from your review) aren't actually watermarked. Were you expecting people to randomly steal your comments or thoughts and pretend they are their own? If you are concerned about theft, please watermark those photos. I see you dropped it from most of your review after these comments. That said, nice photos and it looks like you've had a wonderful time. Thanks for the photos. You really did a great job of capturing a few things that most people don't post photos of. That
  2. You'll have a great time. Are you using some weird program to type? Every Single Word Is Caps Is Why I'm Asking.
  3. I talked about this a bit in my last Mariner review because Navigator was in port with us.
  4. I tip per night. $5 for a normal night, $10 for a better one. Whether we each have 1 drink or a few.
  5. The water was Florida cold. We have British friends that live on the sea. Their water temps at their beach run from about 48-66F with that 66F being at the peak of summer in August. Their air temp is only about 65 in August, with highs in the low 70s. Most years, at least. I think this year they had some 90s, which was insane and most of them just have small, portable a/c units that only cool one room. Cocoa Beach water temps run from about 68-86F, so it is relative. Our absolute coldest water temps are still hotter than their peak temp in August. So as long as th
  6. Coco Cay There are a few negatives about the new Jan Brady of the Royal family. (Whether you are thinking the 70s curly hair or the 90s full-on afro, is up to you) and there are many positives. We did not do any of the pay items, but I have a bit of info. However, we randomly ran into a friend and her two teens. They had paid and liked most of it. They added a few things they didn't like. The son burns easily, so he wears a t-shirt. He wasn't allowed to wear his shirt on the water slides, but said it was odd because females wearing a shirt WERE allowed, but he sai
  7. Poor Chris is gone. His successor changed the rules! I noticed the cream cheese thing AND the syrup! Same thing. You could get the syrup in the tubs, now you can ask for the sugar free ones, but they don't set them out. I don't NEED sugar free, but I like the tubs. Like you, I see the point. Less waste. I'll add my CoCo Cay stuff later today hopefully. @Anita Latte
  8. Chris congrats! Like @knuckles I was just on this past weekend. Is something broken with the air purifiers? We smelled ciggie smoke from the casino a lot more than usual.
  9. I call it "The G-T-Y" as they put Gty for the guaranteed room on everything. We did it this weekend and got upgraded to a promenade view room. We didn't care for that style of room, so it wasn't an upgrade for us, but it was an upgrade in the system.
  10. My wife was getting a coffee in the DL this past weekend on Mariner and I asked the guy stocking if he could just snag me a Coke (I don't drink coffee, but was kinda in the mood for caffeine) even thought I *knew* it wasn't the time for it. If you don't ask, you never receive. We were the only ones in there besides him and he still politely turned me down. Which was fine! I knew it wasn't time, but I asked. I was polite. He was polite. No drink. I can't complain about that.
  11. I know smoking is less of a hot button issue than it once was, but the smoke coming out of the casino was way stronger than most of our recent Royal trips. You could smell it up on the higher decks on the Aft End. As usual for the promenade with the hole to the casino, it's very strong coming out there. I'm not sure if the filters were broken or if this is normal for this ship, but it was bad. We also saw several people just walking around the ship vaping, but saw the crew stopping them, too. We saw the same Green Bay Packers man (he only wore Packers gear when I saw him, but I wonder if h
  12. For those of you that live in Nebraska or Alberta or Tennessee, six months isn't such a long time between cruises. For those of us that live maybe 40 minutes from a port or less? That's a lifetime. We last sailed in June and the sea was calling! For years, I've called Mariner my Goldilocks ship. She's not too big. She's not too small. She's just right. However, it had been years since we've been on her. She's been gallivanting all over the world and no where around where we were headed. We've been on Navigator a few times since, but it's been nearly a decade for this girl.
  13. S2S is the name in the secret handbook. If you don't know, you don't know. There is a handshake and a special whistle, as well. If you don't know, you don't know. I've already said too much.
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