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  1. It is funny how you always hear that without the smoking the casino would die a pitiful death, but X still has a casino that thrives.
  2. The Chatty Kathy group? Socializers? Relaxers? Regular people? I don't think you can just decide someone's an alcoholic because they sit in a lounge for a time that you have decided is too long. I've certainly seen the DL packed to the gills and people waiting on a spot, but I've also seen the DL have plenty of seats for the entire time it was open. We've been in the DL for 5 minutes and we've been in there for 3.5 hours. I don't think you get to decide what I do and my intentions or whatever. We tip our servers and we're friendly people. We would never sit in the chair for too long if people were trying to come in, but there also isn't a sign at the door to the DL that says "You may only stay for XX minutes or we'll call PCWalton1 and have them call you an alcoholic. They will post this info on the town board in your hometown and put your picture up next to it." Live and let live! If someone's being rude and hogging a chair, that's bad. If they are just there, let it mellow!
  3. I'm pretty sure free is less than $25, though!
  4. You're welcome. I'm glad it entertained you, that's my point of view. I don't write reviews for glory, just for fun. Fun to write and HOPEFULLY fun to read. We haven't written off X, but we have decided it would have to be something special. That could be a specific ship, itinerary, or any other reason. I was actually expecting to bombarded. We were bombarded before sail away. Then everything happened exactly as I said. It was odd and made much more weird by the emptiness of venues.
  5. I did this already. She said that it would end up with ME being on YouTube or something when they gathered around me like Cro-Magnons on the hunt.
  6. You'll find a way to have a wonderful time! That's a deluxe itinerary. The shows were OK, so you'll be fine. They were lower, but not bottom of the barrel.
  7. It's been a couple of weeks since I posted in this thread, but realized that thanks to the hyper-agro older X folks in the review, that I neglected to tell a fairly interesting tale from Cozumel. We were at Paradise Beach. We've been to most of the places in Cozumel and while I like Mr. Sanchos a lot, we had a relatively short stop and really wanted to give PB a second lookover. A shorter port day was perfect for that. Generally speaking, we had a great time. We had excellent service and a great afternoon. They have a food truck with great tacos/burritos that I really enjoy. We did the a la carte option and they ask you to spend $10 each there and only charge you $3 a person for the facilities. We weren't there long enough to run up enough of a tab to justify the all-inclusive fee, which I think is $60-70 a person? I can't remember. There was a couple directly in front of us that came about an hour after we arrived. They immediately lit up the cigs and kept them going. We moved far enough away to avoid the smoke and it saved us having to be closer to the show. They were proudly flying the flag of another cruise line on their gear (shirts, lanyards, hat) and it was one that is SOMETIMES expected to have a select group of their clientele act out a bit. Obviously, not all or even most normal cruising folks. Just SOMETIMES this line is a little more known for it. They were probably in their late 30s, from the deep South of the US, and they had the all-inclusive bands. They immediately ordered EIGHT shots of tequila and a round of mixed drinks. They weren't tiny folks, so even though that's not a smart idea, it wasn't a full stop sign moment. Well, it turns out they were actually with 6-8 other folks sitting back by the pool. Those folks weren't wearing the all-inclusive bands. Well, those folks kept walking back and forth from the water (directly past the couple) and just happened to swipe a drink each time they headed back. They were watching the servers and just timed it right. Now, I'm not a snitch over a couple of shots or a couple of drinks, but this started getting crazy. Not only was our couple getting straight WASTED DRUNK, they were ordering loads of drinks. Then it started slowing the rest of us down because they were ordering so often, the servers weren't checking on everyone else in the section. The moochers were also getting drunker (I think 2 of them were probably only Mexico legal to drink, if that, because they looked young and were the first to just be falling down drunk) and not being nearly as careful when they swiped the drinks. The server says to me "WOW, this couple drinks more than anyone I've ever seen!" and I said "Man, just stand here on this side of the palm tree when you deliver the next drinks and you'll see why." About then, the youngest looking guy tripped over a chair and kind of just laid there. He was helped up by a lady in the group and disappeared. The server dropped off the next round of 4 drinks and stood by me at the tree. Boom! Another couple came by and snagged two of the drinks and walked back to the pool area. They weren't really smooth either. The server went to get someone. This is when the crap hit the fan. Someone in their group came up and said something to the couple in a nasty way. Then they started to fight. The insults were flying. Cups were flying. Beer bottles were flying. She was blaming him. He was blaming her. He questioned her moral purity. She insulted his prowess. (That was a polite way to describe it?) She poured what was left of a drink on him. He flat swung at her in one of those cartoon roundhouse punch ways. He missed her by approximately 10 feet and fell down, so I wasn't overly worried. She then attempted to hit him with a bag, but also missed him by approximately 10 feet and went to one knee, so I still wasn't overly worried. He threw his wallet at her. She picked it up and attempted to throw it in the ocean. She missed by approximately 40 feet. I waved over some workers and by the time they got over there, she was gone. He was talking to himself and finishing whatever drink remnants were on the table. He really chewed her out good, but she wasn't there to hear it. She came back and grabbed her stuff and he was yelling about his wallet, which was not visibly present at that time. He was yelling about leaving her in Mexico and she was telling him that he couldn't because she was the only one with room keys to the room they were sharing and so that made her in charge. Not sound logic, but drunk logic is what it is. The wallet argument continued and he told her that they were OVER, SO OVER! And she cried. Then people from the back group came up and tried to help, but then he screamed at them for costing them $285! I'm not sure if PB charged them all for the all-inclusive or if it was for something else. They said they'd pay him back but they had to leave because the police were coming and they weren't winding up in Mexican jail. I never saw police and never heard any sirens. I never saw much in the way of security, but they did leave and did so in a hurry, while still yelling about $285. The insanity was over relatively quickly. The smoking and stealing drinks was over a longer span, but once the crap hit the fan until them leaving all happened in like 20-25 minutes or so. My wife didn't want to watch the show, so she went and enjoyed a hammock. I ordered a fresh, cold beer and watched it harder than Abuela watches her Telenovelas. (when in Mexico...) Getting plastered very quickly does bad things to people.
  8. Thanks for the very wacky review. It was crazy and I felt like I was reading it in a washing machine turned on high, but it was very enjoyable. Keep on sailin'!
  9. I have. It might be the one saving grace??? My wife loves musicals so very much and I've been to so many of them and in so many locales around the country and the world. I hate them all, well except that Cirque du Soleil one we saw on Broadway called Paramour. It wasn't that the story was so amazing, but stuff was happening the entire time and it was entertaining. I'm obligated to go see Phantom of the Opera every time she finds one because it was the first date she ever took ME on. I balk and try to insert someone else in my stead whenever I possibly can, but I will never get out of Phantom. ETA: I might also state that I still don't quite understand the story of Phantom, even after so many viewings. If I summarize it I just say there's a creepy dude who becomes obsessed with this singer girl and does everything in his power to make her creepy like him and there's a boat scene in fog and a graveyard and some of it is set in different times from the rest of the show. Then he kills himself. I believe this is mostly because I blank out during the show.
  10. Seriously, I can't figure out why. It is panned by almost every person I've ever talked to about it. You talk to a dozen haters for one person who doesn't mind it or likes it or even loves it. BUT BUT BUT it is a record-setting musical that lived forever on Broadway, so someone was going to see it!
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