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  1. On board Veendam and couldn’t be any more pleased. I had forgotten how wonderful a smaller ship can be. Have a great week ashore!
  2. Thanks very much for this review. I hope our cruise next week is filled with grateful, laid back folks like you.
  3. I say Go with the best deal, bottom line. Just make sure the TA is one who follows up and communicates well and quickly with price drops, upgrade offers and other cruise line notifications. They and not you will communicate any changes to the booking. good luck.
  4. Thanks cruisemom, it’s a Kindle Fire. Same as a tablet.
  5. I own a kindle but never use it to read. Just old school I guess but I love the printed page. Plus, as most sleep experts will tell you, reading from an electronic screen before can cause sleep problems.
  6. Well that would be great. Thanks for the info.
  7. So another way to make me pay for an internet package. I guess I’ll cruise ignorant of world events.
  8. Thanks Kazu. I prefer Blue Tooth. Excellent.
  9. Hi I see we'll have a BOSE speaker in our Neptune Suite. Can anyone tell me, is this a docking station or is it Blue Tooth enabled? Thanks
  10. Without a doubt. Was this a HAL rep or someone from a TA? If HAL you might report it to a supervisor, this is basic info.
  11. So I can just wear my Orioles Jersey?
  12. I stand corrected. For some age related reason my mind was registering Miami when my eyes were seeing Orlando.
  13. What happens if someone shows with no Orange clothing nor accessories?
  14. Thanks, was hoping for that answer. So much more convenient at the WICO dock.
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