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  1. "He couldn't pedal the lie bicycle fast enough..." We're going on a Kenda Cruise next week. Can't wait.
  2. Southwest has fans who "LUV" WN (Southwest). It's a cult. I have flown WN a lot and know their corporate culture. I fly WN when I have to do so, and other airlines who think more of their customers when I can.
  3. Canyon Blue Kool Aid- love it but I prefer Walmart Blue Kool Aid because Sam Walton was one of the founder of Southwest's heroes. Squeeze the last 1/18 of a % of cost out of everything. I fly Delta when I can, WN when I have no other choice...
  4. We booked all of our excursions through SPB Tours and were thrilled with the results. Small groups of less than 20, except for the Berlin tour. Excellent guides. We saw everything we wanted to see, saved substantial $$ vs the ship's tours and got to see and do more because of the small group size instead of the huge motor coach tours. I If you haven't done so already, join the roll call for your cruise and sift through the postings. We were able to book all of our SPB tours through an member of the Roll Call and got a discount. You're going on a great cruise.
  5. Did this cruise last year on the Regal. We booked all of our tours with SPB Tours and had no problem whatsoever debarking in plenty of time to make our tours. Enjoy!
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