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  1. thank you for posting this video!! very helpful
  2. one more question...if I get the USB fan and a long cord, how wide is the room? if I get a 10ft cord will I trip over it at night when I get up? I am thinking that 10ft is not long enough. I am thinking it will be suspended like a tightrope for mice from one side of the room to the other.
  3. awesome! thanks for the great help as always!
  4. so excited for you!!! can't wait until we can do ours.....just one step closer to November!!!
  5. is there an easy way to find out which show will be playing on my cruise? we are sailing on LOS - November 3rd. I they would all be fun but I just want to know what we are looking forward to.
  6. DH and I are cruising LOS out of Galveston on November 3rd. we are not staying in Galveston due to a bike rally that weekend. we are driving from Little Rock, Arkansas the day before and staying overnight. we will have our car so we can drive to the parking/port in the morning when we are ready. we were planning to stay near Houston but a suburb would be fine too. we just want a nice place with someplace to eat breakfast and possibly dinner the evening we get in (saturday Nov. 2) that is nearby. I am letting you know the direction we are coming from so the hotel can be along the route or close by so we don't waste lots of time driving around lost! 🤪 (we do have a GPS so not too bad) price range would be about $75.00 to $150 so we are a bit flexible. TIA for any help you can give.
  7. Thank you for all the great information!!!
  8. thank you! where do you place the fan? is there a place near the bed or does it need to be on the desk across the room?
  9. Thank you! has anyone ever gotten the fan from special needs? is it really big or a small fan? just wondering how much room it will take up. I have a small battery operated fan but it does not move much air.
  10. we are cruising in November 2019 on LOS. we have sailed this ship before but I can't remember if there are outlets near the bed. do I need to bring an extension? I like to have a fan next to the bed. should I ask for one or bring one?
  11. do they have the option to park our car for the duration of the cruise?
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