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  1. Cozumel normally has many ships. We've been to Chankabaab 3 times and it has never been crowded.
  2. In our case, we were prescribed medication and quarantined in our stateroom for a total of 52 hours (24 hours after the last symptom.) She got sick first in the afternoon, and I got sick that night. When we got the call from security to report to medical, it didn't sound optional. I can't recall the name of the medication we were prescribed - but it worked like a charm. As an aside, the medical care we received was top notch and everything was handled well. Our room was sanitized and they even went as far to swap out the magazines and all bedding. I was told that they had a flag on o
  3. I'm surprised your soon wasn't told to go to the medical facility. My wife vomited on the gangway coming back from Labadee on the Oasis norovirus cruise last year (before anyone knew it was norovirus). We got a call from security to our room that afternoon and were told to report to medical. If this didn't happen with your son, I'd think those protocols weren't followed, in addition to the issues with replacing the bedding. Hope he's feeling better now.
  4. Southwest has adjusted their next release date. They will now release flights until October 7, 2020 on March 12.
  5. Couldn't agree more. And the cruiselines really have some people fooled with the old "but the ship will wait for you if you book an excursion through us" farce. Don't get me started. Enjoying the review as always, Winks. At least the excursion served booze.
  6. Enjoying the thread - we were on Oasis for the noro-cruise last January, so nice to see some areas we didn`t make it to, plus the changes. The explanation I`ve heard about Studio B is that the theatre is "Studio" A and the ice rink is B. Not saying it makes total sense, just what I had heard at one point. Where is the comedy show now? Looked to be held in a cave somewhere. Kinda cheesy with the fabric backdrop IMO.
  7. Is anyone else having problems with the RC website showing only US currency? I change it to Canada at the top, but it keeps reverting back to US.
  8. We went on Oasis in January and there was a less than 5 minute wait for a table for breakfast. We weren't thrilled with the breakfast food at JR.
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