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  1. Thank you for the review. We are considering a Star class suite for our next cruise with our 2 little ones and its interesting to hear that you wished that this was available when you had little ones.
  2. Hi All! Question about Coastal Kitchen. We are thinking about booking a suite on the Anthem. Do the menus change in Coastal Kitchen? I don't know if we would want the same 1 or 2 menus each night. Also, I know food is super subjective, however any opinions would be great.
  3. We did it when our son is 18 months and now again he is 3 and I’m pregnant. It was great! We brought our own pack and play because I get weirded out by germs lol. Tip is to have a great umbrella stroller that reclines for naps. We found eating in the dining room for breakfast and lunch was easier than the buffet; that way one of us doesn’t have to sit at the table with the little one while the other gets all the food. It’s nice to have everything in one place and not have to worry about being far from the room Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. Thanks everyone!!! We know that something being worth it is subjective, however we like hearing the good...and not so good. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  5. Hi everyone, My husband and I are seriously considering booking a sky suite and one of the major draws is Luminae; so our question is...how great is it? We typically do speciality dining 2-3x a cruise which we would skip if we dined in Luminae. Any other suite reviews that can push us one way or the other? We are not new to cruising, but the suite would we new to us. Our son would be cruising with us too, so the extra room is always welcomed! Lol Thanks!!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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