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  1. I'm just back. We were in 6146. I have stayed in this room before and I was completely happy with the redo. The armed chair was back in front of the desk/mirror but honestly, in my opinion, there was more than enough room for it and I didn't find it in the way even though the chair doesn't go all the way under. I know this room is a little bigger than standard S1's but my sister was in 6130 and she didn't find the chair to be in her way either. Happy to report the sofa had been delivered to the suite previous to my cruise so we were able to use it. There was ample storage for me and I over-packed big time! I put most of our shoes in the cabinet drawer in the foyer and the extras went in the bottom of the closet. I used a couple of the small round vases for my make up (brushes, mascaras, etc.). I had no problem fitting my hand mirror, hair brush and curling iron in the drawer in the desk. The lounge chairs had been removed from the deck and I asked if they could put one back which they did before I finished lunch the first day. I only asked for one since my husband was more than happy with the enormous sofa. He very happily took afternoon naps on it and even slept on it one night because he said I was snoring (which I doubt HA!) The deck had a large sofa, a small table with two wooden chairs and then the lounge chair I requested. For me the bed and pillows were heaven. Very comfortable. I did miss cabinets in the bathroom where I could put my things, but the shelving under the sinks were fine. I don't like clutter, so I want things hidden behind doors. For one week, it was fine. Nothing fell off the open shelving. The interior of the bathroom door did not have a hook to hang your robe which I thought was odd and I did miss the make-up mirror in the bathroom but I didn't miss the scales! I can report though, my sister had a bathroom scale in her room. Budi, the butler, had a somewhat different style than I'm used to but if there was something I needed he took care of it immediately......just a phone call. All in all, the room was fantastic, the itinerary great, the retreat lounge and sundeck amazing. We had a great week. And I forgot to say all the staff were as friendly and cheerful as ever!
  2. Hoping that couch arrives.....I tend to take late afternoon naps on it and the comment about "utilizing the ship not the cabin" irritates me. My money, my vacation and if I want to hibernate in my cabin the entire time that's what I'll do.
  3. This is my cabin on the April 13th sailing......I hope they leave in place the balcony loungers you requested....I will want those as well as the mesh style chairs and new table if they bring them. Thanks for requesting them. I feel like you are doing all the work for me! And no make up mirror? Did I read that correctly? If they want to get rid of something it should be the scales in the bathrooms, or maybe they did. I'm still liking the visual changes but the color "pop" Hoppen put in the SS suites looks like the color rust. Not crazy about that, but it's not going to ruin my cruise.
  4. I should have read further back before I posted. Since you have this cabin before me, I'm glad you'll be asking for loungers and I hope they comply and leave them because I will want them also! I will have to review the Millennium thread again for pictures. Maybe I saw it already, but I don't remember....that's a long thread!
  5. I've been wondering the exact same thing. It's my favorite S1. I'm on the April 13th sailing in 6146 and hope there will still be double sinks and a separate shower in that awesome bathroom. It's the reason I always try to book it. On another note, does anyone know if smoking is allowed anywhere in the Retreat Sun Deck? I thought I saw ash trays on the tables in a picture that was posted. I don't want to start a debate, I'm just curious.... (and I'm not a smoker).
  6. I've been trying to find Sky Suites also, with no luck......can only find artist renditions. There's nothing like seeing an actual photo. I'm resigned to waiting a while longer .
  7. I'm hoping someone can post pics of Sky Suites.
  8. It's not you....it is exactly the same. I was hoping for something a little different. But, I still like it.
  9. We had the 3 center cabins on deck 11 last year for 15 nights; my cabin was dead center (I cannot remember the room no's.). The partitions were opened allowing access to the connecting rooms. We spent a lot of time on the deck and the noise from above was never a problem. It could be heard but wasn't overly loud and didn't interfere with our conversations, reading or napping! Definitely could not be heard inside any of the cabins.
  10. patchit


    I missed it....thank you for pointing that out
  11. patchit


    I'm hoping they offer some insight regarding M class, also. I'm booked on Summit 3 weeks after the refurb and I'm curious what will happen to Michaels club and all the rest. Can't wait to read your post!
  12. The only amount we paid was for the items we made. They are priced according to what you make.
  13. That's good info to have. Thanks!
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