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  1. KLRoo010

    Fitness on Empress?

    Thanks for your quick attention! I've looked there before and didn't see much detail (although there'd been a lot about the fitness and recreation on newer and larger ships like Explorer), but I'll try it out again. I'm still hoping to get a direct answer from someone who's been onboard recently. Thanks again!
  2. We're getting ready for our cruise on Empress of the Seas 10/13, and wanted some info on the fitness facilities on board. I remember reading a lot about the weights, gyms and classes offered on larger RC ships, but what about Empress? My husband works out regularly and doesn't want to take a full week off; I'm a food fan :) and would like to be proactive in working off a little of the excess! If you've been onboard recently, please post a reply about what types of workout facilities and classes are offered, plus any additional costs of which you may be aware. Thanks in advance for your help!!
  3. KLRoo010

    What Songs Do You Use......

    There are several fun, laid-back Kenny Chesney songs (if you like country music, which I do!). How about "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems", "When the Sun Goes Down", or even (if it's fitting) "All I Want For Christmas (is a real good tan)". Have fun!
  4. KLRoo010

    Price for Swedish Massage?

    Hello! I've read that there are often spa discounts during days in port. While we do plan to explore Bermuda during our 10/13 cruise on Empress, my husband seems set on staying onboard a less-crowded ship for at least 1 port day. Have you experienced the port day discount? Any idea how much it is? Also, I've heard that Empress is a little cheaper in the spa than the mega ships - do you know if there's any truth to this? Thanks in advance and happy cruising, Karen:)
  5. KLRoo010

    Beer Question

    It would be great if cruise lines made beer a priority! Give us some great European beers and even some domestic craft beers, maybe on a rotating schedule - yum! At least RCI is offering something different (and likely delicious). Also, I am happy that there's a devoted group of fans out there for good beer!!
  6. KLRoo010

    Beer Question

    My husband and I are admitted Beer Snobs, no longer able to enjoy a Miller Lite, etc., because we enjoy the flavor of craft beers so much! Luckily there are lots of options in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. :) Also, we traveled to Germany and Austria last year, and now we REALLY can't get back into the run of the mill stuff. I tried hefeweisens at every opportunity and my husband had porters - yum! If I may suggest: don't fruit your beer! I also enjoy Hoe and Blue Moon, and originally drank them with lemon/orange slices, but my trip to Bavaria taught me how unnecessary this is. Try it next time - without and with the citrus to be sure it's really necessary - it may stand on its own feet!! :D This Royal Legendary Belgian Ale may be my saving grace on the cruise, if Empress carries it. :)
  7. KLRoo010

    Afternoon tea on board?

    Hello fellow tea drinkers, It really is fabulous that there are so many others who enjoy afternoon tea! My sister and I have taken tea with several different groups of friends and relatives at home in NJ, and I'd love to see it offered onboard the Empress this October. I imagine this is the type of thing you could mention in a pre-departure survey, isn't it? How exciting, though, about the warm scones! We may have to try and create our own proper tea amongst the t-shirts and flip flops in the Windjammer some afternoon. :) Keep sipping and smiling, Karen
  8. Since I haven't cruised before, this hasn't happened to me exactly. However, I'm active an active Theta Phi Alpha alumna at Rowan University in NJ (I graduated in 2002), so I still come around to some chapter events. At our recent Founder's Day celebration, I showed up in the floral same skirt and roughly the same top and accessories as the collegiate chapter President. We made jokes about good taste, as you might imagine, and I felt more in touch with my inner college student than I have since graduation! This whole thing was made funnier by the fact that I do, in fact, have a twin sister (who was also there, in a completely different outfit, thank goodness!), so I got use my "Hey, Caitlyn, I already have a twin!" line as well as the ever popular, "Didn't the rest of you know this was the required dress for this event?". We both shrugged it off and laughed as we stood next to each other in the front of the room for the ceremony! I'd like to think I'd have the same sense of humor if it happened on a cruise ship. :)
  9. KLRoo010

    Lipstick Poll

    I love the Revlon Colorstay option for all-day lip color! For spring/summer I'm using "Revlon Colorstay Overtime Sheer" in Sheer Mocha. I got hooked on a darker color in the past, and will try to find it for the fall/winter. Hmm... what was that shade called...? :confused: On top of this light pinkish color, I typically end up putting a layer of lipstick on in the evenings if I have something to do. It's either a light, shiny color or a rich, darker color pending what's going on. If I'm not going out, I'll just do an additional layer of the sheer/shiny top coat that comes with the Colorstay - my husband doesn't like make-up, but I feel more confident and my lips feel moisturized. :p
  10. KLRoo010

    Tips & Tricks for Trimming Belly FAT !

    This is great info, Carol, thanks a lot! I've shared it with my Mom and sister (who aren't cruisers... yet) in case they want to try out the hoops too! I recall you saying that you learned about them at the gym, but do you know whether the companion exercise video is any good? Thanks again, Karen
  11. KLRoo010

    Out of Philadelphia

    Hello! As a lifelong South Jersey resident, I certainly understand about the depression of seeing factories and smoke stacks on the Delaware. Have you looked at the water?? If you think this is bad, you should try Trenton… a lot of nice people and places in a former industrial area, with remnants of industry still around. Anyway, this is good information about the bridges, the open sea, etc., and makes me excited about our October cruise. We are really happy that we can get dropped off at the pier and don't have to fly anywhere, since last year's family vacation to Germany and Austria required a lot of time in the air!! Thanks!!
  12. KLRoo010

    Tips & Tricks for Trimming Belly FAT !

    Hello all, I have a similar dilemna with the belly fat. While I wouldn't mind losing a little weight, my major problem is the way my clothes fit, not the number on the scale. Anyway, I tend to carry weight in my belly espectially, but also butt and thighs. I am excited to check out the weighted hula hoop thing - it sounds like it could be fun as well as good exercise! I am good about going to the gym usually, but I am currently finishing up acting in 4 straight community theatre plays, so there just hasn't been time and I'd like an at-home alternative. Of course, there's crunches (blah!), but something different is nice. Thanks and please post again if you have new ideas! Best wishes, Karen
  13. Hello everyone and thank you so much for your feedback! Taking into account the convenience, plus the wedding we would've missed, we decided to go with the Empress out of Philly. Needless to say, we'll take the advice of bringing medicine (in case of rough waters), putting fragile items in drawers, etc., that come into play in an Atlantic sailing. We figure that by taking our first cruise on such a small ship, with a small cabin, every cruise that follows will feel like it's huge by comparison! Since one of our main goals is to slow down, relax, and just enjoy cruising, we are not worried about the smaller number of activities, etc. Plus, we really won't know any better until we take our next one!! With the Empress leaving the fleet, we thought we'd try her out, and can always try Explorer or other ships in the future. Time to sign up for the roll call!! This case is solved... see you on the other boards! Thanks again and best wishes, Karen & Marcus
  14. By the way... thanks for your help!!
  15. Wow, what a good amount of information so far! I've actually resorted to a plusses/minuses list of reasons to take each cruise, and I'm going to make additions based on your posts. Don't worry, I'll still have to sell my husband on the decision, so please feel free to continue with the feedback!!