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  1. Tom's port guide has a guide to Kristiansand. We used it when we were there and really enjoyed the port. Happy cruising! https://www.tomsportguides.com/port-guides.html#norway2
  2. Just double check when you get your boarding pass that you are leaving from the cruise terminal next to the Movenpick Hotel (Passenger Terminal Amsterdam). We were on the NS last August for a Baltic cruise and she left from the VCK Waterland terminal, Elbaweg 10, 1044 AD Amsterdam. I found this out from our roll call. The terminal is in an industrial area that is not serviced by public transportation. We ended up taking a cab from our hotel. We disembarked at the PTA terminal, which is very close to the Central Station and accessible by public transportation.
  3. Small world indeed! Happy cruising! And enjoy the Canaletto and the NS! We really liked it. We also had the Dutch apple pie in the Grand Dutch Café--it was excellent!
  4. We were on the NS in August for a Baltic cruise. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal in the Canaletto. The service and food were both excellent. Best of luck and enjoy your cruise.
  5. I kept my phone in airplane mode and was able to synch my Fitbit every day on our Baltic cruise.
  6. We used our magnetic hooks on the Nieuw Statendam for our Baltic cruise in August. We were in a verandah cabin on deck 6. We used them in our closets and on the wall next to the bed. Worked fine for us.
  7. We just returned from a Baltic cruise and we stayed at the Hilton at Schipol. It is on the same hallway as the Sheraton, but it is almost at the end of the hallway. The hallway leads to the Sheraton, Hilton, parking garages and an office building at the very end.
  8. aledomom Yes, it says we disembark at the PTA on Sunday, 8 September. The PTA is next to the Movenpick. I'm not familiar with cruising out of Amsterdam, so I don't know if that automatically means that you will embark from the PTA. I was made aware that we will embark at the VCK Waterland terminal on the roll call for our cruise. Some cruisers received a notification that we were embarking at the VCK Waterland terminal from their TA. That was confirmed when I printed out our boarding passes. Hope you have a great cruise! Mike
  9. According to Google Maps, it's a 16 minute cab ride from the PTA, and is to the northwest. I've never been to Amsterdam, so I can't comment on what it is near. It seems to be an industrial area, because Google maps wouldn't give me a public transportation option. Looks like we'll be taking a taxi from our hotel.
  10. Just double check that you are leaving from the cruise terminal next to the Movenpick (Passenger Terminal Amsterdam). Our boarding passes show that on our cruise we leave from the VCK Waterland terminal, Elbaweg 10, 1044 AD Amsterdam. We disembark at the PTA terminal. That is for the Sunday, 25 August sailing of the Nieuw Statendam, returning Sunday, 8 September.
  11. I had trouble printing out my docs, too, although my luggage tags printed out without any problem. I called the HA support number on the top of the "print my docs" web page--877-724-5425. They emailed me the docs in a .pdf format. I opened the email and printed the docs out. Hope you have a great cruise!
  12. In the 2020 brochure it says they use the Barbizon Palace and the Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky.
  13. Just happened to be looking at their 2019 brochure. It says they use the Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam or Amstel Intercontinental.
  14. You will also go through US Customs/Border Patrol screening if you are going to the US, in addition to the normal security, bag checking, etc.
  15. It's a line outside (directions to the line are very well marked inside the terminal). There is a person who tells you which taxi to get into, but you just get in and then you pay the driver at the end of your trip. Have a good trip!
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