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  1. Oh wow. I somehow missed that. Well that stinks.
  2. So is something going wonky with the Carnival search engine, or have most or all of the Alaska cruise options for June or July 2021 vanished? We had been eyeballing one of the 10-day trips on the Miracle, and I am not seeing them anymore.
  3. If you look at any pictures of even the newer ships right now, they all are showing a lot of rust. That is why under normal circumstances almost any time any ship is at any port, you see the crew painting some part of the ship. Salt water/ air and metal is a constant battle....so when the upkeep stops for 5 months, rust showing is the result.
  4. Sorry. I meant Horizon. 8 day out of Miami.
  5. Yeah. It stinks. We were pretty sure that Oct 31 was the one we wanted. Just needed to make sure work/school fell in line. And then *poof*.....vanished.
  6. So we were looking at re-scheduling our canceled April cruise and had been eyeing a couple of 8-day options on the Vista in October. Especially the one that departed October 31. Over the past couple of days, those cruises seemingly vanished. There were plenty of cabins still available previously. Are they limiting the numbers, are the cruises still there and I’m missing it, or what? Any ideas?
  7. I was told by my PVP that if you book a cheaper cruise with the FCC, the excess would be put on your cabin as OBC with a max of $500. Now if that is up to $500 on top of the $600 OBC we should already have from the canceled cruise, I don’t know.
  8. Yes.... we are scheduled to leave for our cruise next week! That stings to say since we all know it isn’t going to happen....but it hasn’t been officially canceled yet. I’m just hopeful we get a similar offer to what the folks on the previously-canceled cruises received. I’m happy to let them keep my money.....would prefer it actually.... but let’s keep the OBC going. We have a big family with kids that play a ton of sports. Carving out the time to do vacations while missing the least amount of activities and work is extremely challenging....that’s why the loss of this sp
  9. There are plenty of US citizens working on Carnival ships. Also, I believe all of the port cities would vehemently argue with you that there is a compelling reason to keep the ships going out of there. It’s a sticky issue without easy answers.
  10. How did you find out about cancellation?
  11. What compensation were you offered?
  12. So..... are we thinking it will be straight refund or will there be a FCC option?
  13. I’m the opposite. I want FCC and not a refund!
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