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  1. Does anyone remember how long you have after returning from a cruise to book another one and receive the OBC, lowered deposit, etc? This was the way they were doing it now on our latest cruise as opposed to having a future cruise booking desk onboard.
  2. The price of the Manhattan pier parking was the tipping point for me in deciding to fly to our Sunrise cruise as opposed to drive. Just made more sense. Don't need a car in NYC anyway. Fly in...use public transportation.
  3. Also meant to mention the Electric Violins were absolutely awesome in the Atrium!
  4. Wasn’t as packed for our Saturday game!
  5. The only time I saw the Atrium truly packed was when there were the dance parties/ music trivia stuff going on there. I never had a problem getting a seat at the bar there....the Alchemy bar was almost always quite empty, and the Red Frog is quite large with plenty of seating. Sports bar is quite empty except during NFL games on Sunday..... that was packed for those hours on Sunday, but we spent plenty of time in there, including watching some college football Saturday.
  6. Yeah, it was a bit loud. But I found that to be a benefit with the dive-in movies.... you could actually hear the dialogue....haha!
  7. We had an awesome time. We are platinum....so obviously been on a few ships.... and I found the main Lido pool area on the Sunrise to be my favorite layout of any I’ve been on. I never once had any trouble getting two chairs together, and I loved the tapered ‘stadium’ style loungers. Also like that the water works area is right there and not displaced elsewhere on the ship. Stefan was awesome in the sports bar....Nilo and his other ‘3 Amigos’ were awesome in the main dining room. Above and beyond in multiple ways, which was refreshing after a bad dining room experience on the Vista. Mikey was a great CD....I would put him up there with the best. And we’ve cruised with Matt as well as Dr. E. I never felt like he mailed it in....all effort, all the time. Even led some regular trivia sessions himself. And he was always incredibly friendly and approachable. I Made did a great job as cabin steward as well. (Side note here....what’s the deal with no turndown service on either the first or last night?!) I never once had a line to wait in at either Guy’s place, and the food in the main dining room was in general quite good. Downside.... main Lido eating area. Main food lines at primary meal times were very long and slow, and the sandwich line moved very slowly. We tended to avoid it altogether and eat somewhere else. Lines at peak mealtimes are always a problem on Lido on any ship, but this was definitely the worst largely due to layout of the lines I believe. Ship had a somewhat ‘small’ feel, but I don’t mean that in a bad way. What I mean is it always seemed to be pretty easy or quick to get from any point to another, whatever those points may be. Witnessed a little rudeness from passengers as well as a few that exhibited a general lack of self-awareness of their surroundings or other people they might be affecting, but people will be people. In general, most people were very nice. In short, we were celebrating by daughter’s 13th birthday. She had a great time. We had a great time. And I would sail on the Sunrise again. The staff, top to bottom, was probably the best of any ship we’ve been on. Phenomenal.
  8. Nah, we are priority boarding. Seemed to be confusion when I called Carnival as well.
  9. Does embarkation really not normally begin in Manhattan until 1pm? Seems late compared to other ports.
  10. Dorian has already passed by there and is pulling away, but I was wondering if sea conditions made them decide to remain in DR for another day
  11. According to the ship tracking app, looks like the Sunrise is still in the Dominican Republic this morning. Supposed to be headed to Grand Turk today. Anyone know if that is accurate? Just curious...following along as I'm on the next sailing on the Sunrise leaving NY this week.
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