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  1. I tried to work with them but gave up when they refused to move forward with having my cell phone number on file. Gave them my home phone with the initial information provided, wasn't enough. I wish them well.
  2. I am trying to determine what comparable levels of play would get on Celebrity Cruise Lines. Do you take Celebrity cruises? If so, are offers similar? Thanks Funky
  3. FYI - Celebrity casino folks can load you as a 'prospect' in their system, if you are Masters level on RCL. This may allow you to receive nice Celebrity offers without going through 3rd parties such as URComped. I have nothing against URComped, actually signed up with them recently.
  4. Likely not going to Australia on that offer. It is enticing though. Long flight from Florida.
  5. Do you get the Carnival Australian offers for Free Suite + $4,000 Fun Play?
  6. Hello EZ1. Does your current offer via clubroyaleoffers = '20FFL401'?
  7. Has anyone who is Masters level on RCCL given UR Comped a shot and if so, what type of offers have you received? Specifically looking for the types of offers on other cruise lines. Thanks in advance to anyone who can share their experience.
  8. Looks like good news to me too. I can hear the cheers in Lakeland...
  9. Check your email. RCCL just sent out an advisement on this subject.
  10. April Offer - 20FUN101 = Free Jr Suite + $500 casino on any date, July 14 - August, select ships including Harmony/Symphony/Navigator and more. Must book by April 30th.
  11. The Odyssey seems to offer a number of unique cabin configurations. 11722 looks to be one of the most promising. Looking forward to feedback from yourself and others who book these cabins.
  12. This is almost as good as a tipping thread.
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