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  1. So close! Would have loved to sail with Joff again. Sailing May 13th so right in the middle of his break.
  2. We are going to be sailing on the MSC SeaSide from Terminal F, and then when we get off will be going to Terminal A to board the Symphony of the Seas. These terminals appear to be a at nearly opposite ends of the port. Is there any kind of shuttle or other transportation to get between the two locations? Has anyone had experience with doing a B2B out of Miami on two different ships before? What would be the best way to transfer ships, walking appears to be out, but if anyone with experience knows otherwise please say.
  3. When I looked for information on him prior to sailing Jewel everything just showed him as being on her exclusively, never saw anything about his shore side time, but that explains a lot about him. It's like you managed to fill in all of the missing pieces. That makes so much sense now. After Dru spoke so highly of him I was kicking myself for not interviewing him on Jewel, now I've got another reason to hope he's on Anthem.
  4. I'm following this story closely. It would be a very short vacation for Dennis, but I selfishly wouldn't mind him returning already. At the moment he's scheduled to board the day we get off in May. I haven't heard anything negative about Clo, so it's nothing against her, but this sailing is a special sailing for my family and we have a previous special connection to Dennis.
  5. Sorry to carry this from the old thread, but I wanted to respond. I was talking about Dennis Charles who I sailed with on Jewel and now seems to be on Anthem a lot. I always think of the rating of CDs as more of a chart than a scale, and while some score highly in areas, IMO no one ranks consistently higher across the board than Dennis. When I sailed Anthem last year I was talking with Dru Pavlov and he spoke highly of a CD I had never heard of. Eventually he revealed that he goes by Dennis, speaking of Dennis Charles. It really kind of surprised me because I had heard so many speak highly of Dru as being a great Solstice class CD, and prior to sailing Jewel I had never heard of Dennis.
  6. Sailed with him on the Jewel repositioning from Vancouver to LA in 2015. The ports were incredible but he made the sailing. Jewel was the only ship not revitalized and it could be felt but he more than compensated for her age. He's a very old school CD, which yes means he can sing, but he also dances, tells hilarious jokes, and is incredibly personable. He's everywhere and can turn any mundane event into a huge party. He is able to adapt to any situation better than any other CD I've seen, and I didn't know it at the time, but many of the great CDs learned from him and continue to look up to him as one of the greats.
  7. I have the final episode of theCruiseView from my shortened 4/17 sailing on the Anthem of the Seas. This was the end of the sailing for us so it's a rather short episode, but it features a great interview with Captain Srecko Ban where he discusses the Quantum of the Seas' journey over to Asia and everything that they did to ensure the safety of the ship. I hope you enjoy. Tf4WxKjVMg8
  8. Day 3 of theCruiseView from 4/19 features the last sea day heading south with the international men’s belly flop competition during the day and Spectra’s Cabaret at night. I have one more episode left to release that I just filmed a few days ago to cover the Puerto Rico morning and it includes my interview with Captain Ban. _sqn4W0Yuis
  9. Day 2 of theCruiseView takes a look at the surprising new breakfast options available, as night 2 we feature the return of the captain’s welcome moment to the Quantum Class, and the Gift makes its sailing debut. I also took a quick preview of Spectra’s Cabaret. LjGgk7fjlwc
  10. The first day of theCruiseView from this sailing went live this morning. In this episode I have all the usual items such as the location, weather, compass, and menus. As well as a continuation of the Quantum Class timeline from day 1 of the Quantum series 3 years ago to catch things up to today. As I've mentioned before sailing the Anthem was night and day compared to the Quantum 2.5 years earlier and this series while shortened, will thoroughly capture that. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for the next 3 episodes! ZfwzZD8GrVo
  11. The last of the main videos from my 4/17 sailing is the arrival into San Juan. It was a beautiful morning with perfect conditions (compared to the rain and wind on Quantum). Just as we arrived I could see the Carnival Sunshine departing in the distance. As we pulled in we had to go to customs and got lunch so I missed the horn battle with the Brilliance of the Seas which was docked across from us, but I saw her departure from our balcony shortly afterwards as she sailed past the fort.

I still have 3-4 episodes of theCruiseView to edit and post. Hope everyone enjoys it and stays tuned!
  12. During our Quantum Sailings they didn't have all the shows up and running yet, but I got an overview of what "An Evening With..." would entail when it launches. On Anthem that event was replaced by Two70 Tonight. If your not familiar with it, the event is hosted by the Cruise Director on the first night offering an hour long preview of all the capabilities of Two70. This includes technical overviews, RoboScreens, Vistaramas, aerialists, singers, and dancers. Here's the show from 4/17 hosted by Dru Pavlov. mZ2Ao5k05_I
  13. DEIx15x8

    Sint Maarteen Update

    Since one of the piers is damaged it is unlikely all ships will be able to return starting November 11th. I wonder if they would accept the smaller ships and keep the larger ones away until they have more capacity to handle and accommodate the larger numbers.
  14. Today I have the Captain's Reception from the 4/17/17 sailing. I always love these receptions so it's great to see it returned to the Quantum Class ships. During this sailing there were members that we had sailed with on both the Jewel in 2015 as well as the Quantum in 2014. That's what always makes them so much fun, finding all the crew that you've sailed with previously. 2p6Pa0uue6A
  15. DEIx15x8

    Hairspray on Symphony

    How can they make it bigger. The original version on Oasis was the full show complete with intermission, the new shows are all the shortened Vegas ones. Will they give Symphony the full length show or a shortened one?