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  1. I don't need the crystal ball to know that when we go in December it'll be sweatshirt weather:D
  2. Jim, Thank you so very much for this wonderful review:) I'll be on her May 14th, so was super excited to read this. Thanks again!
  3. I'm not seeing where excursions can be made outside of CCL. Am I missing something? Thanks!
  4. Friends were just there on the Bloggers cruise and had their credit cards compromised. Not everyone, but several had to cancel their CC's. They also said that it really wasn't worth the cost. For that price, you can lay on Serenity and eat for "free"
  5. Just realize that most shops close by 5:30 if you want to do any shopping.
  6. Hi Everyone, I arranged for a group of 100 ppl to go to LFK on 2/19/14. Our friends were doing a vow renewal, so this excursion quickly grew from a mid size to large group. I worked directly with the owner, Larissa who was a pleasure. LFK is limited to 250 ppl and is truly big enough. Of our group, I don't remember seeing more then 20 ppl at any one time. That's how spread out it is. The CCL excursion is only 3 hours and I'd be surprised if she kept working with them. It doesn't seem like the type of place that would want to cater to CCL. LFK is absolutely gorgeous. There's plenty of room for everyone. There's a platform 15 ft up that allows for ppl to take jumps off of if they're courageous enough:) I was NOT and didn't regret it :o The depth is also about 15 ft. There are chairs and another small bar up there also. Larissa and her family live on LFK, so they take a lot of pride in the premises. I would go back again and this time maybe take the plunge...maybe... On a side note...the LFK busses pick you up outside the cruise terminal. It can be a long walk if you're mobility impaired or really, really, out of shape and shleping your beach stuff. You'll make it, but I just wanted to warn you. Probably not a bad idea to leave the ship with some water. You won't regret this excursion!
  7. Thanks so much for this info:) I'm on the same cruise as NCTribeFan, so this sounds perfect to me. It's also good to know that we'll need euros.
  8. Thanks Bob:) Bon Voyage to all of the Funatics and their fearless leader Floatie:D Happy New Year all!!
  9. Apparently, only some of the rooms on Lido were. The refurbished ones would at least have fridges in them. That's not to say that the others weren't "glammed up" a bit!
  10. Does anyone know which cabins on the Sunshine, Lido deck, were refurbished? I'm looking at cabin 9218. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for all of your replies:) Errr...on both. I was really hoping that they had the T-pool. Oh well...will still be with friends and cruise family;)
  12. Just a couple of quickies... Does anyone know if there's a fridge in Lido cabin 9200 and is there a Thalassapy pool in the spa? Thanks!
  13. My friend and I will be in GC on 10/31 and are interested in doing the Turtle Farm, Hell and maybe the Tortoga factory/outlet. For sure the 1st two places. I found this tour: http://www.viator.com/tours/Cayman-Islands/Grand-Cayman-Shore-Excursion-West-Bay-Sightseeing-Tour/d31-2644PRTGCM_C and wondered if we should go with these folks or find a cab off the pier. Any thoughts? Thanks a lot:)
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