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  1. We were on the Sept. 8 sailing of the Escape to New England and Canada. The Escape was delayed getting into New York due to the hurricane. Our flight into LGA arrived at 9:30 am and we arrived at the pier at 11:20. They didn't expect the ship to arrive till 2"00 pm and wouldn't be boarding till after 5:00 pm. At the pier, they were advising people to drop off their luggage and then go see the city. We were not up for walking around New York all day, so we opted to stay in the Haven waiting area. The Haven waiting area is way back, almost to the end of the pier. Unfortunately, the chairs are hard plastic and since the ship was not there, neither were any snacks and drinks. They gave us a ticket to get a bag of chips from the vendor at the pier. We purchased a couple of sandwiches. Later, someone who appeared to be in charge said the tickets were for sandwiches, but it was too late. The also gave us boarding cards and we were in group one. The Haven waiting area was so cold that we decided to sit in the overflow area, which became very crowded as time went on. They eventually checked us in based on our boarding cards. Unfortunately, when they started boarding, they forgot about the boarding cards and it became a madhouse. Also, because the Haven waiting area was so far down the pier, by the time we walked to the entrance, they were letting everyone else board at the front of the pier. We eventually got to the Haven and had a wonderful cruise. Here's some pics of the luxurious Haven waiting area.
  2. There is no requirement to book 6 months in advance. Here is the link to the current "Terms and Conditions" https://www.ncl.com/popup/cruisenext_terms?hide_hf=true Also, you can apply two CruiseNext vouchers online. You just can do it in the same transaction. You have to apply one, back out, and then apply the next. I just did it last week.
  3. On ships without a Haven restaurant, suite and Haven guests can eat breakfast and lunch in Cagney's and/or Moderno.
  4. Here's the Escape Haven dinner menu from two weeks ago. They also have a nightly special that's not on the menu.
  5. Last week on the Escape, I received a voicemail message reminding me of my LeBistro reservation and that long pants are required and we were in the Haven. We also had Surf and Turf in Bayamo, and it was excellent. I didn't receive a message about our Bayamo reservation.
  6. Last week we were in 17718, a 2 bedroom suite, shortest distance to the Haven bar.
  7. That's what I told my wife when it was served. It looked more like a sirloin.
  8. Cagney's used to be my favorite specialty restaurant. We were on the Escape last week and I ordered my favorite, the rib eye steak. Unfortunately, it was the toughest steak I've had in my life, and I told the manager that. He offered to replace it with a small fillet. I've attached a photo, which shows the lines of gristle running through it. We were on the Pearl in April and I was served the worst piece of prime rib I've ever had. So yes, I would say that the quality of food at Cagney's has gone way down hill.
  9. Bird, in the past, you were able to get credit for your Platinum 30 minute perk. Is that still available?
  10. Beverage servers do not get a cut of the DSC. They do supposedly get a cut of the 20% gratuity added to the drink package. Here is the FAQ answer on the subject: What about gratuities? Unlike most other ships in the cruise industry, there is no required or recommended tipping on our ships for service that is generally rendered to all Guests. While you should not feel obligated to offer a gratuity, all of our staff are encouraged to “go the extra mile,” so they are permitted to accept cash gratuities for exceptional or outstanding service if you care to offer them. Also, certain staff positions (e.g., concierge, butler, youth program staff and beverage service) provide service on an individual basis to only some guests and do not benefit from the overall service charge. We encourage those Guests to acknowledge good service from these staff members with appropriate gratuities. Additionally, there is an 20% gratuity and spa service charge added for all spa and salon services, as well as an 20% gratuity and beverage service charge added for all beverage purchases and an 20% gratuity and specialty service charge added to all specialty restaurant dining and entertainment based dining.
  11. This is the prime rib I had at Cagney's on the Pearl. It was tough and tasteless. I should have had the ribeye or lamb chops, which have always been excellent.
  12. This week, at 53 days out, I received an email, Subject: Air Confirmation, which contained our flight information and E-Ticket Numbers. About 12 hours later, I was able to access my edocs, which had a section titled Air Itinerary Confirmation, which listed flight numbers and times, and the Record Locator Ticket Number. The following day, I received an email from CRUISEDOCS@ncl.com, stating that my edocs were available. So the answer is yes, you will get an email once your ticketing is finalized.
  13. There are several other threads on the same subject. Here's a link to one.
  14. PCC is Personal Cruise Consultant with NCL. You should have had one assigned to you by NCL. Over the past four years, I have had 5 or 6 different ones, some good, some not. The one I have now, I selected based on recommendations of a couple of fellow passengers, on our last cruise.
  15. Update to my prior post. Just before midnight, last night, I received an email with our Air Confirmation. So technically, 54 days out. I don't know if my PCC had anything to do with it, but it is quite a coincidence. However, I still can't access my edocs. I hope you get your confirmation soon.
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