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  1. Yes, absolutely keep trying. One of my cruises for next year has dropped from 3150 to a little over 2200, a nine nighter out of Miami, balcony cabin for three. It took about 11 or 12 calls but it is well worth the time and effort.
  2. Awesome, glad you had a good time. Mariner is my favorite Royal ship. We will be sailing on her June 5th, can't wait.
  3. The problem is that Royal has removed all of the cigar bars from their ships. I was on the Mariner two years ago and the cigar bar was turned into a library, I peeked in there three or four times, and never saw anyone there. Back in the day, it was filled with smokers, it was a place to hang out and socialize. Now, the only place to smoke, especially in the evening, is out on the pool deck in designated areas, weather permitting. There will always be smokers on cruises, so there should be a place on the ship where they can enjoy smoking comfortably. I enjoy cigars on cruises and don't want to infringe on anybody who dislikes the smell. I was on the NCL Epic two years ago and this ship has a cigar bar. It was packed the two times I was there and it was a very enjoyable experience. Smokers were happy and the smell was contained in a certain area. My two cents.
  4. I would do Chops, 150 Central Park, and Giovanni's. As soon as you get on board, go to the nearest restaurant and make your reservations as you want them, any nights and open time available. The first night is an option and you can make changes.
  5. Everybody, thanks for the responses, and for letting me vent. We are extremely fortunate enough to have four cruises planned for next year. It could always be worse. All of Royal's alternatives would not work for us, so we will try something else.
  6. So, our long awaited Spring Break cruise just go cancelled. It was on the Radiance, 4-1-22 sailing. Royal still will not say why it was cancelled. We got an email Monday, Aug 2, at eight minutes after five pm. Obviously, a real chicken crap way of informing us. We understand they are starting cruising in a slow, gradual manner, that is why we waited until next year to start booking cruises. To make matters worse, we got other relatives to book this cruise along with us. Then I call Club Royale, after being on hold for over three hours on four calls, finally get to speak to a rep, and she has serious attitude, she asked me twice if I have read the email and understood my options. We picked this particular cruise because my son was on spring break and had one week off, we are not able to change the dates. Anywho, other Club Royale rep tried to help us but to no avail Gee, now we are wondering about our other three cruises booked on Royal in 2022.
  7. My then 12 year old son very much enjoyed the kid's club on the Constellation cruise we did two years ago. Before cruising my wife and I thought it would not measure up to Royal's clubs but we were mistaken.
  8. You are correct, streaming wifi is not included, I will have to let my sister know this, she was mistaken. I will have no need for streaming wifi, so this would not factor into our decision. Yes, it is a nine day cruise. So, we would get the premium package upgrade regardless, goes for 216 for two. Take that off the 378 for the Drinks and More, plus the 50 in casino play, and we are down to 112. We would have to think about if the two bottles of wine, the wine tasting, and the mini bar are worth this amount. Thanks for your input.
  9. Hello, everybody, I have cruised many, many times on Royal, and joined Blue Chip on my one Celebrity cruise two years ago. My sister, and a few friends, booked a nine day cruise around Spain, for October 2022. I booked the same class balcony stateroom for half the price through Blue Chip. My sister then called Blue Chip and got the same deal, as her husband does visit the casino every night during their cruises.
  10. Hello, everybody, we just booked our second Celebrity cruise for October of 2022 aboard the Infinity. Tips and basic drink package were included in our fare. My sister and my friends have added the elevation upgrade for 540 dollars, for two, which includes the upgrade to the premium drinks, 300 in obc, and streaming wifi. We were considering doing the same until I saw the Drinks and More package on Celeb's website. For 378, for two, we get the upgrade, two bottles of wine, 50 dollars in free play in the casino, a wine tasting, and a mini bar in our stateroom, replenished once a day. For anyone with experience with these two upgrades, your comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Cheers.
  11. We sailed on the Constellation in July of 2019 and she was in excellent shape. I was expecting much wear and tear, but could not find anything that needed attention. I would say that the service and meals were all also fantastic, in my humble opinion. We were used to the newer, and much larger, Royal ships, and were pleasantly surprised how much we enjoyed our cruise.
  12. Thanks, again, for your responses. I wish we could try Murano's but it is not on the Infinity. Private dining in the Tuscan Grille sounds interesting, I will ask about this when we board. We have cruised many, many times on larger ships on Royal and got used to having many dining options. As my wife and I, and our 14 year old son, get older, we are slowly transitioning to Celebrity. We greatly enjoyed our 10 day Constellation cruise a few years ago and thought the main dining room dinners were very good. Cheers.
  13. All right, we are a party of six who have all upgraded to the premium drink package, so we will take a vote and perhaps try the Chef's Table, but skip the extra cost of the wine pairing. I have yet another question, what is the difference between Murano's and Tuscan Grille ? Or, is it just a different name with the same menu ? We dined at Tuscan Grille two years ago on the Constellation and thought it was just so so.
  14. My wife, son, and I were lucky enough to sail out of Venice, on the Constellation, in late June 2019. It was spectacular, something we will never forget.
  15. We were thinking of doing both. Our sailing has the Le Petit Chef at QSine meal, which I don't think is worth all that money for an 'animated' dinner. We will probably pass on this. I had thought the Chef's Table would have included the wine pairings, like Royal, thanks so much for letting me know it wasn't. We would have to think about if the meal and wine pairings will cost 200 dollars extra. We were on the Constellation two years ago and thought the dinners in the main dining room were very good and the service was excellent. Thanks for the responses, happy sailing !
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