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  1. I never think I have much allergies day to day, until I leave home for a while and then return to Florida. Then I get stuffy nose, sinus, etc. Maybe it's not a cold at all?
  2. We have decided to explorer Japan on our own rather than cruise. I do like the Celebrity itinerary, but 14 days is longer than we can do while we are still working. No interest in China.
  3. I don't know what to say about this.. And don't count out Orlando as getting no affects from this storm. Come back and tell us how much fun it is to have no power for a long time, it could happen.
  4. No perks on these sailings? Certainly tempting for Jan 2021...
  5. Oh dear. To each her own on most of the stuff you listed as creature comforts. If you have room, sure why not. But damaging the ship's plumbing might be where this thread takes a real big turn. If you must use your own, don't flush it and toss it in the bin instead. Learned in RVing, there's a reason besides budget for that less than comfy toilet paper.
  6. sr4mjc

    De Palm Island

    We have De Palm Island booked in Nov through Celebrity and trying to decide if we want to keep it. We are aware the water slides will be closed but that's ok. We wanted to find some snorkeling where we didn't have to jump in deep water off the side of a boat and looked like you can walk down steps into the water there. Here's the question though. Celebrity just sent an email that they were extending our excursion from 4.5 hours to 6 hours. Our ship is in port until midnight that day. 6 hours is more than we really want to spend there, is there any chance that there be any ferries back during the day or are we captive there 6 hours?
  7. This Tampa resident is happy! We usually only have Royal's Radiance class here.
  8. The hotter it is outside, the colder it seems inside with the A/C. I always need a sweater in the dining room in the Caribbean. For our Iceland cruise, the dining room was quite nice, no sweater needed in comparison to the cold outside.
  9. I'm not sure how well gaming would do over any ship internet package, but maybe some here have tried it.
  10. Just called back and got the discount. Came to $81 for our upcoming 8 night cruise. Woohoo!
  11. Just got off the phone with Captain's Club, they said no Elite discount on the Surf package. Has anyone gotten it lately? Or is this a hang up and call back situation?
  12. Is that also on the new "Surf' package?
  13. Is the Sept 6th Reflection cruise in same situation or does the Gibraltar stop count? Amsterdam, Bruges, Le Havre, Bilbao, Lisbon, Seville, Gibraltar, Cartagena and Barcelona.
  14. Reading through the FAQs on Celebrity's page, it looks like they've made some changes to this program back in January. It sounds like you can pick flights, but payment isn't due until cruise final payment date and changes can be made. So the flights aren't actually ticketed when you book? My MIL has booked flights through Flights by Celebrity already, but there's a much better itinerary and price if she leaves from a different airport, so I am trying to figure out if she can change (she's outside of final payment.) She was told by rep that the flight was a 'reservation' and not final until they make payment. But knowing how airline fares work, I am curious to how this is so. It seems counter intuitive. https://www.celebritycruises.com/company/customer-support/help-and-faqs/pre-cruise/flights-by-celebrity "When you use Flights by CelebritySM to book your air travel, you have the option to book flights with no money down, and you’ll enjoy the flexibility of changing flights with no change fees when you book refundable airfares. You will enjoy the convenience of locking in your flights and the fare without having to pay for the airfare at time of booking. Pay for your flights at the same time as your cruise final payment." Q. I have purchased one of these fares and I need to make a change, how will this be handled? A. Guests/travel partners will contact the support desk who will make the requested change. Outside of final payment, no air penalties will apply. Guest will be responsible for differences in fare. Q. Are these fares fully refundable? A. Outside of final cruise payment air penalties will not apply and the fare is fully refundable. After final payment, $200 per person air penalty applies.
  15. I do think the package pricing needs to be adjusted to a reflect at least rates per day. The 10 night cruise internet package should not be the same price as a 13 night. I'm already feeling like it's too expensive (in comparison to say RCCL's surf package) and that just adds salt to the wound to know I am paying the same as a cruise which is 3 nights longer.
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