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  1. It's any port that requires taxes to be collected. We sailed out of NYC and stopped in Port Canaveral. Paid tax on value of drinks in both ports. It's not a huge part of the bill.
  2. goin-away

    Escape - "The Waterfront"

    Mixed area. Cagney's, La Cucina, Bayamo, & Moderno all have outside sections on the Waterfront. Cellars wine bar and 5 O'Clock bar are also out there. There is also non-restaurant seating that you can use whenever you want.
  3. goin-away

    Government Shutdown?

    News says that Park Service will keep many parks open but no facilities open. So good chance that Liberty Island in NY harbor will be closed like last time.
  4. goin-away

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    We were notified fairly early - 60-50 days out. Our next cruise we only got the upgrade confirmation last Friday and we sail this Sunday, so 9 days out.
  5. goin-away

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    The do it - we went from Aft Balcony to Owners Suite last Thanksgiving on the Gem. Some TA's don't participate and I've also heard of some people who didn't get the email but it shows up on their MyNCL account.
  6. goin-away

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    We got approved Friday, for the 11/25 Escape 14 day from NYC. Went from Spa Mini to Spa Haven Suite for $580 each plus insurance cost. Bid was middle of Poor when we made it, don't know where it was when accepted. We're Platinum with NCL.
  7. goin-away

    48 hrs prior to cruise

    Last cruise was first with bids. Ours was accepted early, I found out when I went to MyNCL page to check excursions and saw that room had changed. we have a bid in for our Nov. 25 Escape and that's where I check now, since I can then just go to plan everything else.
  8. goin-away

    48 hrs prior to cruise

    30 Days out you are still live - so still pending.
  9. goin-away

    How fast is boarding?

    The published time has some cushion - they have to get everyone from the prior cruise off before they let they new ones on. If all goes well they start boarding around 11.
  10. goin-away

    What exactly does a butler do?

    We had an OS on the Gem last year. Snacks were the big thing for our butler. One nice touch was he also collected our duty free liquor for us so we avoided the line on the last night - came back from dinner and our boxes were there!
  11. goin-away

    Harvest Caye

    https://www.cruisecritic.com/ports/newport.cfm?ID=8216 Norwegian owns it but part of the deal was that it would be part of the local economy.
  12. goin-away

    First time fall cruiser

    First and Last day to day and a half can be cold if you are sailing into/out of the Northeast. If it's nice they will still have an outdoor sailaway. Barring bad weather the decks are open and usable. If you are out in the wind, particularly at the start or end of the cruise you'll need at least a jacket. If it's chilly and the ship is doing 20 knots that gets chilly to be in the breeze.
  13. goin-away

    Bidding inventory

    What category do you have now? You can only bid two levels above yours, so if all it's allowing is Haven and Mini-Suite then presumably you are in a Balcony. If so the only way to get the Aft Balcony is to book it directly or have NCL move you into it for their own reasons. Option one is the more likely one :)
  14. goin-away

    St. Kitts Questions

    We did an NCL excursion last fall in the Gem. Catamaran to the Railway and then Railway back to port. Enjoyed it a lot.
  15. goin-away

    US DOLLARS accepted in Bermuda

    BDA$ is pegged to the US$ at 1:1, so they are functionally equivalent. Also the US is a reserve currency for the world and the US$ is widely accepted and used. The small, tourist heavy, destinations near the US are all very likely to take tourists' US$'s.