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  1. Southampton Cruiser

    Strange e-mail from Holland America line?

    I had the same one as I've had emails from Carnival brands which automatically give you a membership number.
  2. Southampton Cruiser

    No formal nights!

    Regarding other lines dropping formals for 4 nights or less. Cunard have done that very thing. My 4 night cruise in January was informal only, so men still needed a jacket. Same cruise in 2016 had one formal. We have two on Braemar plus British night. It's my dad's first cruise so he may enjoy the old songs.
  3. Southampton Cruiser

    New Dress Code Designations?

    Carnival UK (Cunard and P&O) have been overseen by Stein Kruse of Holland America Group since July so nothing should come as a shock. Dumbing down began made when management changed from Princess to P&O in autumn 2007. It's all about attracting the new demographic and profit.
  4. Southampton Cruiser

    R.I.P. "stowaway2k"

    Just seen this. Quite a shock. Loved his photos and videos of Shanghai shipping on one of my FB groups. He had such a great sense of humour. RIP Kyle.
  5. Southampton Cruiser

    Cunard Captains

    Currently on QV and we have Andrew Hall.
  6. Southampton Cruiser

    Mobile phone - "Roaming Charges" - word of warning.

    I discussed that with Vodafone as it used to be classed as World Zone 6 so not included in my World Traveller, which you'd think it would be. It's still not included in Global Roaming and states on their site cruise ships, ferries and planes have charges.
  7. Southampton Cruiser

    Cunard Captains

    Thank you. :)
  8. Southampton Cruiser

    Cunard Captains

    It wasn't their question it was mine. That's precisely why I asked here. People would be either still onboard or recently disembarked so would know. But as Cunard and P&O are both under the Carnival UK umbrella and do many things the same, it does seem daft one publishes the info and the other doesn't so it was a fair point sogne made.
  9. Southampton Cruiser

    Cunard Captains

    Thanks. It sounded like Commodore Rynd from a distance when they did muster last week so nice to know who it was. I'm joining QV on Saturday then doing another before the world cruise so maybe I'll get Rynd on one.
  10. Southampton Cruiser

    Cunard Captains

    Thank you. :) That's what I thought. Also there are posts naming Captains and cruise directors on other cruise line boards here so security isn't a problem with them.
  11. Southampton Cruiser

    Cunard Captains

    Apologies if there's already a thread somewhere but I can't find one. Does anyone know who who the Captains are over the next few months? I miss it being on Cunard's site.
  12. Southampton Cruiser

    Musical Arrivals

    What everyone on here says about City Terminal (berth 101) is correct. QM2, Norwegian Epic, Anthem of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas have been in it. It was expanded in 2007 to accommodate over 3000 passengers on Navigator of the Seas that summer and then Independence of the Seas from 2008. It was only chaos because of the last minute change. If you sailed from there on a bigger ship you'd see everything running like clockwork. As for your navigational info, it isn't updated regularly. I've been on ships which kept the originally scheduled arrival time when we'd be early or late. Tracking websites like Marine Traffic and Vessel Finder were showing your actual speed. I had friends aboard so was updating them with VTS timings, ship location and speed. All important announcements like that should be in the cabins.
  13. Southampton Cruiser

    Captain Apostokos Bouzakis passing

    This is very sad. He was on the Equinox maiden voyage and a very nice man. Condolences to his family and friends.
  14. Southampton Cruiser

    Arcadia E Deck Aft Likelihood of Smells/Plumbing Problems

    I had E187 back in 2010 and the toilet system in the block was always clogging up. The stench in the corridor was awful.
  15. Southampton Cruiser

    Military benefits

    I booked 12 nights on Oriana today for next year. We were given the regular £150pp OBC plus an extra £20pp because my dad had been in the army. It will be his first P&O.