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  1. My last cruise was with my dad, a15 day Emerald Princess roundtrip from LA to Hawaii in February 2019. We had another cruise booked for October that year but unfortunately, he lost his battle with lung cancer that same month. I'm so grateful I had that time with him, we had a blast. My family booked an In Honor of him cruise April 2020 but that never happened due to Covid. Now I'm just waiting to rebook the In Honor of my dad cruise until all of this is over.
  2. Not to mention paying probably premium for that experience. No thank you, I'm gladly waiting.
  3. You took the words right outta my mouth.
  4. Except that it's not up to the cruise lines. They need to follow guidelines in order to keep sailing. Otherwise, they would have started cruises already.
  5. This is exactly how I feel too. I realize I may never step foot on a ship again but if I can't cruise the way it used to be, then so be it. Like you said, so many other types of vacations out there. ETA: I think the ones that are ready to get on a ship now, can't really imagine what it will be like with the new restrictions in place. They're just remembering what their cruises were like and want to go now. Just a thought.....
  6. I agree with you both on the consequences, however how realistic will it be for staff to enforce it? I don't have the answer but I guarantee, we will be hearing stories when cruising resumes.
  7. You touched on what I've been thinking all along. Once people are on board, they will push the mask wearing to the limit. After dining, taking time to put it back on, walking down the cabin hallways, people getting belligerent after drinking and refusing to put the mask back on, etc. I don't know how the staff would handle this. I just imagine it would be constant, not to mention passengers getting into over mask & no mask. We've all seen it in the grocery stores.
  8. I think masks will be a requirement well into 2022. I agree with your DH, I don't want to cruise under those circumstances. I miss it so much but I'll gladly wait until it's more like the cruising I remember. .
  9. I would bet no cruises in 2021. My money is on 2022 at least. The vaccine rollout is a disaster.
  10. Actually, from the comments on the articles when this first happened, most people were for RCL and very much against the family.
  11. I would think it would have to be a pattern where this has happened more than once in order to be a design flaw that need to be rectified so to speak. In all the years these windows have been on these class of ships, this is the only time this happened. It's not like she was running, tripped and fell out of the window. I know you know but the sole reason this happened was he lifted her UP over the safety railing and OUT of that window.
  12. They are all looking for a huge payday, plain & simple. There is only one person responsible for her death and that is the grandfather. If it wasn't for his sole action, she would not have fallen.
  13. I completely agree. It's so telling the mom hired an attorney right away before they were even home. At least take some time to grieve and put your child to rest for goodness sake. It's all about the $$$$.
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