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  1. @GA Dave So sorry for your loss. My dad passed away last October so I had to cancel that cruise we had booked for the same month. My family booked for last April in honor of him but that got cancelled and also had a cruise that would have been boarding tomorrow but that was cancelled. Now we are just waiting until 2023 when all of this has ample time be over or more controlled to do the "In honor of my dad" cruise.
  2. My son and I were talking about this the other day. I'm still furloughed 7 months and counting. He was saying he thinks had we all had a mandatory 30 day complete lockdown, we probably wouldn't be where we are now. He also said that because this hasn't happened in any of our lifetimes, who knows what the correct thing to do was.
  3. I remember a lengthly thread quite a few years back about someone wanting to bring their own sheets. It went south quick.😂
  4. Being realistic in a worldwide pandemic doesn't equate to wanting the cruise industry to be in shambles.
  5. I get how so many people want to get back to cruising asap, I miss it so much. For me, I'm waiting until 2023 to get back to it. I just can't be sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for any little bit of news about cruises starting up and booking, getting cancelled, booking and getting cancelled again and again. I've had 3 cancelled already. That would just drive me crazy. I don't want to worry about tests at the port and anxious about it being a false positive and being denied boarding, masks, reduced services, excursion restrictions, etc. That's not the kind of cruising experience I want, I'm happy to wait it out. I take my RV camping at the beach and that will suffice for now. Best of luck to all of you who have cruises booked soon!
  6. I prefer anytime dining. I've had bad table mates in the past and would just rather be comfortable with my own family and not be "on". Shore excursion days it's nice not to have to rush to get ready for dinner. I like to shower, get a drink and sit on the balcony for a while, maybe watch sail away. It's just more flexible for me.
  7. I think it was called Cruise Inc: Big Money on the High Seas about NCL.
  8. It's been over 5 months waiting so far but I think my situation might be a little unique. My dad and I were supposed to go on the Panorama to Mexico Oct 17th, he paid my $500 deposit as a gift for taking care of him during his lung cancer battle. He passed away last October. I was planning on going alone on the cruise as that's what he would have wanted but then Covid hit, I knew the cruise wasn't going to go so I canceled. Carnival issued a refund on April 12th to original form of payment, however all his accounts were closed. I have someone that has been working on issuing a check to his estate however I still haven't received it. I'll just wait it out a bit longer, I'm not in a hurry.
  9. I agree but I can also see it now, the folks that are opposed to masks, getting up from eating and instead of putting them on, just kind of keep walking, maybe holding it in their hands like they are getting ready to put it on and just keep walking without doing so. I can also see confrontations taking place just as they do on land.
  10. It's good to hope. 😊 Just be prepared to possibly be disappointed.
  11. It was called Winky Dink & You. Then there were the plastic things you colored and put in the oven and they shrunk, called Shrinky Dink.
  12. I know what you mean. My brother, my adult kids and I had a cruise in April and they kept telling me that this is bad and we may not be able to go and I really just blew it off, never knowing what was to come. I was reading Saint Greg's Live Panorama review and when his delay happened on debarkation morning and then the whole Princess madness at the San Pedro port for their embarkation, that's when it hit me this thing is much more serious than I ever thought.
  13. Couldn't you just go to guest services when you board and get the room keys switched? I did this same scenario with my brother and his wife on Princess and it was no problem. We switched luggage tags before we left so our bags would go to the right rooms.
  14. Sorry seaman, I know how much you were hoping that it would start up sooner. Hang in there, all we can do is be patient at this point.
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