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  1. I was on the Escape and the Bliss and the Waterfront is just fabulous! All the nice comfy places to sit along with the outside seating of the restaurants, genious.
  2. Thanks for all of that information. I really am excited about this ship. We have a premium aft balcony which we love. It's just something I'll be missing, that's all.😊
  3. Darn! I didn't realize the Royal didn't have a promenade deck. My cruise in October will be my first time on her. I love taking walks in the morning and evening and hanging out with a book and a drink. I'm excited for this ship but now a little bummed out. ☚ī¸
  4. Can't take credit for this hack, found it here on cc a few years ago. My brother and I are cabin mates again for our upcoming coastal cruise, the beds are so close together so I am bringing some of the heavy duty magnetic hooks and a lightweight fabric shower curtain to make my own divider. Easy to put up and take down as to not interfere with the Steward cleaning the cabin.😉
  5. That was a short 3 day weekend cruise which is going to be a "party" cruise. I witnessed the same thing you did on my Princess 15 day Hawaii cruise last February. I would never take a 3 day cruise for that reason. However, it's not a fair comparison to a 7 day cruise is August when most kids are back or going back to school. I am Platinum on Carnival and I enjoy both lines for different reasons.
  6. Thank you!😊 I wasn't aware of the change and was wondering why my FP was due on July 21 for an Oct 19th cruise. Now I know.
  7. When my DD was younger and cruising with us, we would ask the Steward to please put down the pulldown bunk for her at night and put it back up during the day so we could utilize the seating area. It worked out great and we tipped well for this extra request.😉
  8. Thank you for your wise and thoughtful post. 😊 He keeps his mind sharp by doing crosswords and other thinking games on the computer. I will show him your post and see if that changes his mind to at least give it a try.
  9. Thank you AF-1. It's good to know that's an option for him although he's excited to try the OM.
  10. Thank you steamboats. Very helpful information!
  11. My brother, dad and I are sailing on the Royal in October 2019. It is a medallion cruise, which is new to all three of us. My dad (88) does not have a smart phone nor does he want one. How will this work for him? Can we use one of our smart phones to get his medallion ready or will he just have to use the cruise card as always? I appreciate any help on this. Toni
  12. My dad always brings his boxed wine in his carry on and has never had a problem.
  13. This happened to me once. Wanted to switch to a cabin a few doors down, same category. The princess agent said it would cost more, I told her she was mistaken but wasn't going to argue. I called back and was able to make the switch as I always have in the past.
  14. I get what you're saying and I agree. If you order a grilled cheese sandwich & fries or a rib eye & baked potato, they have to carry a plate, shouldn't matter what's on the plate.
  15. Congratulations! In the future, you can "pay off" your cruise ahead of time without actually giving them the money until final payment date. Just keep the funds separate until that time.
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