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  1. For a child under 16 BOTH parents have to go with them to apply for the passport in person. The cruise agent may have asked for the BC but it is not needed. The passport trumps a BC.
  2. Finally, the voice of reason. This is what I was trying to say on a different thread about prescription medications, I'm not a DEA, etc agent though. Even if you had to take a pill while in port on an excursion, no one is going to know at all.
  3. We are not loyal to any cruise line. We like to branch out and try different ones to see what they have to offer. I can't wait to try Celebrity. We will not stop sailing any particular line either just because there are things we don't like about it. I think it's a good thing for you to experience another cruise line. Enjoy your next cruise!
  4. Yes, they have milk, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, various juices, iced tea, lemonade and coffee all included with your cruise fare.
  5. Wow, I don't know what to say. Maybe there was a glitch in the system when you booked it. 🤔
  6. I would call Princess and find out why you didn't get notice it was non refundable. Ask to speak to a supervisor.
  7. I did the mock booking and it didn't indicate the deposit of $54 was NOT refundable so that means it is refundable. Are you saying you completed the booking and your confirmation confirmed the deposit is NON refundable?
  8. There is a pop up window that states that the deposit is non refundable BEFORE you enter your CC info. I never book non refundable so I have gone through the booking process a few times and when the window pops up, I close out of it and then continue on my search for a different cruise.
  9. Perfect! This is what he was looking for. Thank you very much!😊
  10. My brother and his family are cruising Disney for the first time on Sunday. He's confused about the gratuities, he said the booklet they mailed him breaks out the amount that each staff member should receive. He's wondering if there is a suggested set amount per person per day, he doesn't want to be doing math on the cruise and chasing the staff down to tip them. Other cruises he's been on, they just charge like $13.50 PP/PD or whatever and it appears on the final on board bill. Any help is appreciated!
  11. That is so cool, congratulations! I'm sure you will like Carnival.
  12. You really are missing the point. Two Wheels Only said it best.
  13. I've parked there when there were two ships in port on the weekend, ours was the NCL Bliss. Had no trouble at all finding close parking.
  14. Bliss also has a couple of fun water slides. Carnival has the ropes course, SkyRide and then Royal Caribbean has the climbing wall.
  15. When I first started cruising, I used to get a massage on the cruise. I quickly learned and now, just being on the ship is relaxing enough and surpasses any massage. 😉
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