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  1. Got the denial email today 2 days out. Bidding on a spa mini from a mini our bid was 150 per person not enough I guess oh well mini here we come.
  2. That’s not true we’re in a mini suite we have the opportunity to bid on a spa mini suite. They might just be collecting data but we have the opportunity to bid. We also have the opportunity to bid on the haven. Might depend on the ship who knows. This is for the 10/21 sailing of getaway.
  3. I’m with you seeing this is a new app I’m hoping someone will have a review of the text feature the grandkids will hate having to take there phones everywhere but it will make it so much easier to find them. So fingers crossed on a review.
  4. Don’t know if your a CFB fan did you get a chance to see any games on board? We’re any been shown?
  5. We did one a couple years ago outta Galveston great time. The flight from Logan was a bit long but that’s the way it goes. Hope everything works out for you. :)
  6. Try checking out National Hurricane center all the storms are listed there. Just looked at the 5 pm run Florence looks to make landfall Thursday evening somewhere in South Carolina or North Carolina. Nhc has it continuing inland. Right now New Jersey is outside the prediction cone. If I had to guess it looks like you’ll make your sailing where you’ll be going is anybody’s guess right now. There probably is someone on here that can read those maps better then me I’m sure they’ll chime in also. The cruise line will let you know if there is a change to your intenery. Good luck try not to stress to much.
  7. Hope for the best for you. But right now that looks like a no go. :loudcry:
  8. inkboy95


    According to Nhc very small storm, hurricane force winds only extend 10 miles out from the eye. Tropical storm force winds 45 miles out from the center. Let’s hope it misses all the islands.
  9. OMG you people are totally insane. But I loved reading about your insanity!! Keep them coming. Personally I’ll be looking for clothes 20 mins before we leave for the airport. I’m a firm believer that it will all work out why stress over it. :'):p:cool:
  10. If you dock on time if you walk off if there’s no adverse traffic in Miami or Fort Lauderdale and the check in lines are short. Should be fine. If that’s a risk you comfortable with then go for the 12:30 if you wanna error on the side of safety go for the later flight. There are way to many unknowns to have any measure of confidence. Myself I always go with the later flight. But that’s just me.Miami is notorious for bad traffic you just never know plus it a Monday a workday. Plus that looks like the day after the thanksgiving holiday the airport could be a zoo with the late leavers from the holiday.Good luck whichever way you go!
  11. Just added a spa mini suite to our bid page, wife wants it so we but in a 150 pp bid. Hope spring eternal. Lol
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