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  1. We always enjoy every cruise even some that had minor issues. Vacation is what you make it and we make it fun. Fake infomercials for fake travel agencies make for fun too!
  2. Thanks! We have fun on the cruises and my husband likes to make videos of the ship venues and restaurants in action so people can see what to expect.
  3. Glad you enjoyed the humor and the video. My husband has a "unique" warped sense of reality. However, every year he forces all of us to go along with his "theme" for the cruise video and it makes the cruise more memorable!
  4. We really enjoyed the Horizon. Especially the way they improved the flow of the buffet lines vs. older carnival ships. Hope you enjoyed the video and found it helpful.
  5. A fun and informative look at EVERYTHING on the Carnival Horizon. Enjoy! Just back from the 12/22/19 Christmas Hanukkah sailing. https://youtu.be/hphAjXTGIBI
  6. My boys are 18 & 20 and have been cruising since they were young. Make sure they go to the Quest Game (18+), they can go to adult comedy, the night club, casino. My boys love the sports deck they play basketball, soccer, the waterslides and go to the sports bar. the kids the same age seem to find each other they will have a great time
  7. A VISA is very different than a PASSPORT. All this is saying is you don't have to buy the extra VISA. You still need to have a Passport!
  8. My husband keeps his GoPro with him at all times and his warped sense of reality comes through as he develops ideas during the cruise. His annual cruise videos rarely start with any set ideas, but he seems to come up with stuff along the way. Glad you liked it.
  9. My DH posted his latest installment of our annual family cruise on YouTube. Here's the video and description from his channel... https://youtu.be/Mip1QxlVzkM "For our 7-day Carnival Magic "Cozumel plus" holiday sailing (12-23-18) my wife brought 2 bags full of rubber ducks (and a few other random characters)! She joined the #cruisingducks facebook page and was determined to place the ducks all over the ship. Little did she know I had a different idea for some of her ducks! One of the characters began to take on a life of it's own as it tried to get rid of the other rubber ducks in time for the VIFP party on the last sea day!" https://youtu.be/Mip1QxlVzkM Oh...There is also a really detailed look at most parts of the ship and ports in HD GoPro quality too! #carnivalcruise Ports of call included: Cozumel (Paradise Beach), Belize, Roatan (Mahogany Bay) and Grand Cayman (7 mile beach). Ship features included: The Spa, Carnival Waterworks, Guy's Burgers, Guy's Pig & Anchor, Serenity, Lido Buffet, Main Dining room, Playlist Productions, Steakhouse, Tender (Water Shuttle), Red Frog Pub, Lobby Atrium, Seafood Shack, Pizza de Capitano, Inside cabin, Movies under the stars, Lido Pools and more!
  10. We stopped sailing Royal a while ago, so I can't compare there. I will tell you my boys love Carnival. What they did not like about NCL camp is once you check in you have to stay for 2 hours (carnival does not have this rule) so if you want to go for a certain activity but not the next one you can leave. They also found the activities on carnival more fun, scavenger hunts around the ship, dodge ball, etc... not just sitting in a room playing xbox. NCL's 24 hours restaurant is not really 24 hours (I hit it while they were closed twice) between meals they close and there wasn't anywhere on the ship except pay restaurants during that time to get food. I don't know how the bliss is going to be but the Escape pool/deck were way to small for how many people were on the ship. We did love NCL's buffet better then Carnival, but love Carnival's MDR better. Hope this helps
  11. #1 it is Elegant night not Formal night (yes there is a difference) #2 Depending on where you are from and your background, there are many more variances to what this could mean #3 If you think what someone else is wearing effects your dinning experience, I feel sorry for you #4 There are many 5 star restaurants in South Florida and you will see people dinning dressed from shorts to formal.... no one gives a rats... what anyone else wears #5 The main reason Carnival still has this and hasn't done away with it (like NCL) is because of all the $$$$ they make off of the pictures
  12. Usually when there is that smell it turns out people brought their own toilet paper or put other things in the toilet that they shouldn't and it backs up the system
  13. It was a little taste! But it was just to make a point that most Countries don't care about age with drinking. It's very interesting that you say 15. My son just spent a semester abroad (London) and in most of the Countries that he visited the drinking age is 15 for beer and wine. Some don't even have drinking ages. On US leaving NCL ships parents can sign a waiver for 18 year olds to drink beer & wine onboard. While if you sail out of Europe I wonder what the policy is? And no my kids do not have drinking problems and neither do we and yes I do know what my kids are doing and who their friends are. We show by example and drink socially with a drink here and there and have taught are kids the same. Some times it's how you teach them that makes a difference.
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